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Audio Blueprint

Audio Blueprint

Record Producer
Audio Blueprint consist of Platinum selling, Grammy Award and Dove Award Nominated Producer/Composer/Songwriter Kimo Kaulani and Platinum selling, Grammy Award and Dove Award Nominated Recording Artist/Producer/Composer/Songwriter Geri King.

Audio Blueprint is a music production company that attributes its success to listening to the needs of its clients from their newly renamed private recording facility Zen Lab Studio. The name reflects the mindset and feel of Audio Blueprint.

Audio Blueprint composes vastly diverse styles of musical compositions for film, television and commercials. We also provide distinctively tailored songwriting, composition and production services for major, independent and unsigned recording artists creating a sound individualized to each artist and their unique abilities. 

Our services also include sound design and audio editing for major and independent film. We cover all aspects of audio and sound in post production.

Audio Blueprint’s clients include renowned Recording Artists, Major and Independent Record Labels, Charities, Film Directors, Television Producers, Advertising Agencies and Major Corporations.
music industry, music producer, record label, music production, sound design, music production / mastering
hip-hop, indie pop, r&b

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Jason Kendall submitted media.

Audio Blueprint

Not enough lyrical content. I would like to hear some developed verses. The beat is cool but needs more. 

yochay mocsari submitted media.

No One I Know by Claus Zinger

Audio Blueprint

I found it very artistic although maybe not so commercial in origin. It is in the vein of a Mars Volta where I am sure there would be a niche market of followers that can be built. Without knowing the details of your goals for your career it is difficult to know what you should do next. To put together media promotions I would need to know what you have done. I would reccommend playing in multiple markets to build your following. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Audio Blueprint

I see where it can be useful.  I will try it with my team and see what happens.  The video was helpful yet still vague.  I think it needs to spell out uses clearly and simply.  KISS method is best.