Cody Allard

Cody Allard

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Cody Allard

Founder at Argofox; GM at The District
Argofox Creative Commons releases and promotes royalty-free music downloads for YouTube creators and Twitch streamers, allowing them to monetize their content and avoid copyright issues. Before sending your SoundCloud URL, please apply a Creative Commons license on your upload (Edit > Metadata > License > Creative Commons > Attribution).
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electronic, indie, edm, music, drum & bass, dance, ambient, house, trap, dubstep, deep house, chillout, future bass

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Julianne K submitted media.

Cody Allard

Cool tune but not quite a fit for my channel. Love the Sublime/Rome feel to the vocals! Could've had the video adjust to accommodate the drop a little bit better... wasn't quite fitting the feel of the audio. Lots of respect for EKM and your goal to share your love of the music!

C B submitted media.

Cody Allard

Hey Ryan,

Love the vocals! The switch-up around 1:00 was nice but could've had more impact. Melody around 1:30 is great, could've been used elsewhere too. Fits the weather outside perfectly right now!

I'd love to promote this on my channel - emailing you now :)