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D Grant Smith

Syndicated radio show host, Music Curator, Coach/Mentor For Musicians In Fan Building & Radio Promotion, Blogger, Comic Book & Craft Beer Fan
Having worked in radio since 1997, creator and host of the nationally syndicated Appetizer Radio Show, entrepreneur and nonprofit advocate, my experiences in music and media have been influential in the lives of countless indie and DIY artists,  led to being awarded Radio Ink Magazine's Rising Stars Of Radio in 2012 and more.

There are plenty of bandwagon approaches to marketing and growth. The bandwagons rarely work for people who are doing things on their own, taking a DIY route or in startup mode (they rarely work for folks who have big budgets too, but don't admit it). Instead of following the herd, I show uncommon, unique methods of growth that build strong, supportive communities of loyal and passionate followers.

I've spent over 18 years in media in both the nonprofit and business world, including creating a syndicated radio program. I've also worked with many artists & musicians in audience building, started businesses, and created growth for individuals and companies through marketing platforms and strategies.

More info on my company at http://appetizerradio.com and audience building services at http://dgrantsmith.com

Host and creator of syndicated The Appetizer Radio Show (est 2003), heard around the world and featuring new and emerging artists each week. The radio show has been integral in bringing unknown and unsigned musicians to new audiences, growing fan bases, and helping to establish household names in indie music. The annual Golden Fork Award has been presented to renowned artists including Iron & Wine, William Fitzsimmons, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, The Rocketboys, Dry The River, and more.
In 2013, I transitioned out of radio management and into a marketing role, which led to the creation of his own brand of coaching and mentoring for musicians in the indie realm. 

Audience growth and cultivation is at the heart of what every musician has to do to make a career in this industry. Using my experience, knowledge, and networking, I help artists grow your core audience through strategic relationship building, radio promotion, and communication.
music promotion, music marketing, strategy, networking, radio promotion, promoting artists, critical listening, music reviews
indie rock, alternative, punk, singer/songwriter, edm, folk rock, americana, indie folk, acoustic, grunge
Abilene, TX

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Recent Feedback

Jon Magnusson submitted media.

Ode to a friend by Jon Magnusson

D Grant Smith

Nice arrangement. The sound and composition is familiar in several ways, yet altogether unique.

Well done on the production as well. A song that creates reflection and introspection is what draws me back again. This song achieves that.

Astrid Skywalker submitted media.

Out Loud by Astrid Skywalker

D Grant Smith

Pretty melody with a nice voice. I appreciated the creativity in the lyrical composition. Reminds me of Priscilla Ahn in ways.

Jon Magnusson submitted media.

Your dreams by Jon Magnusson

D Grant Smith

Sweet, upbeat indie rock with an interesting outlook perspective on dreaming and success. Curious what other tracks sound like, and where the stories take the listener to. 

In places it seems like the music could be a little tighter, particularly in the buildup to the final chorus. Otherwise, nice tune!

Would be a good fit for indie web stations in the US. I'll recommend a few of them to you.

Francesco D'Andrea submitted media.

Sharp Thin Blade by Black Market Aftermath

D Grant Smith

Like the throwback 90s underground alternative sound. Cool rhythm and beat. Makes me curious what the rest of your songbook is like. Would welcome you sending stuff our way. Reach out via email dgrant.appetizerradio@gmail.com. Talk soon!

Tom Crowell submitted media.

Along The Way (Live) by The Pulltops

D Grant Smith

Nice groove and tune. Reminds me of Better Than Ezra circa 1995. Good stuff

Natasha-Leigh Smith submitted media.

Just A Girl by Natasha-Leigh Smith

D Grant Smith

Powerful songwriting and message. Uplifting music rarely sounds good. Just A Girl is outstanding. I want to hear the rest of your songbook. How can we make that happen? I'd love to get this song and (potentially) others on The Appetizer Radio Show.

 You also asked for introductions to people who can help you grow your music career. That's a big part of what I do. Let's have a conversation about it. My email is dgrant@dgrantsmith.com. Looking forward to connecting with you.

Jeremy Winston submitted media.

Miss Cinderella by JDVBBS

D Grant Smith

Interesting take on the classic fairy tale, from a different perspective. The prince isn't known for much, especially in the pursuit department. Cool arrangement too.

Orouni music submitted media.

D Grant Smith

Fun and invigorating tracks that hit the right points for an enjoyable listening experience, while also creating a compelling story. Nice work, particularly the nontraditional rhythms, drum patterns and the horn. Would love to hear the rest of the album these tracks are from. Could be a great fit for The Appetizer Radio Show. Email me to talk about music submissions dgrant.appetizerradio@gmail.com.

Becca Fox submitted media.

D Grant Smith

Categorizing this song is a bit tricky. I understand your dilemma. Ha!

There's an ambient sound here. Also a little pop-tronic that works. One thing that may help both the promotion of the track (and classifying it) is adding a more pronounced drum track or beat to it. Give the song a little more mood and foster the emotional connection that the melody and lyrics are creating. From there you have a more appealing and marketable track that gets people diving into your deeper songbook.

Ataikpo Odion submitted media.

D Grant Smith

Outstanding voice and nice use of strings to add some intriguing depth. While much of this track is very similar to most of the Worship/Christian music offerings in repetitive lyrics, there are musical aspects that help to create a different aesthetic.

Mike Will submitted media.

D Grant Smith

Very inventive presentation, the video sells the song in a fantastic way.
Great beat. Upbeat sound will be stuck in my head for days, and I'll love every bit of it.

Loved the song! Message me at dgrant@dgrantsmith.com to talk about getting your album showcased on The Appetizer Radio Show.

Ricardo Temporao submitted media.


D Grant Smith

Another stellar track. Brutus Begins never disappoints. Like a story-driven filmmaker, each new release keeps impressing me more. Add to that the intellectually provocative themes  of the video, and the intrigue has reached new heights. Terrific work!

Jasper X submitted media.

Whirl Music by Jasper X

D Grant Smith

"Running in your head" gets quickly stuck in your head. Well-paced and invigorating with stylish prose, a thoughtful song that is catchy and engaging from start to finish.

Qyko submitted media.

D Grant Smith

Energetic song with a nice sound. Does need a little more mids and low end. Even for a house tune, these elements are important. 

12/8 12/8 submitted media.

D Grant Smith

So awesome that you guys are specific on what you want to gain from this experience. Here you go:

1. This track has a good, professional sounding production quality. It's certainly broadcast quality. Your soundcloud page says Brian Hazard is one of your followers. He's a fantastic producer and will give you the best critique on this side of your music. That's who I'd recommend you get production help/critique from if you haven't already.

2. An Indie-Elctronic-Pop duo with a sound similar to Purity Ring and Solid Gold, who get your toes tapping in seconds. Uplifting and fun tunes for an enjoyable listening experience.

3. This is tough. What are you looking for on your team? If you want professionals to give you direction, plan your outreach to fans and media, then we can talk (that's my specialty). If you're looking for PR and publicist work that you want to outsource, Ariel Hyatt at Cyber PR (recommended in this set) is top shelf. Beyond that it's a matter of identifying your vision and goals to be able to bring the best people on board.

Ian Hinkley submitted media.

Peel Them Apart by The Bumblin' Bones

D Grant Smith

Interesting tune, a bit humorous (in a dark comedy sort of way) with a retro sound.

Video is creative and festive (Halloween at least).

Loved the drum work. Nice job! Makes me curious what the rest of your songbook looks/sounds like.

TheCristeas Cristeas submitted media.

The Cristeas (Lyric Video) by THE CRISTEAS

D Grant Smith

Interesting song with a good beat. A pretty good rock tune that would work on most alternative radio outlets.

The video is where you lost me. It's a good enough idea, but is pretty cheesy in presentation. If that's intentional, good job. If not, honestly it looks like something done by a kid as a project for computer class in grade school circa 1997. 

My recommendation is to promote the song itself on Soundcloud and leave the video alone. 

Al Wills submitted media.

Waiting For Your Call by Little Fable

D Grant Smith

The chorus is when the engagement in the song takes place and brings the emotional connection in. However, leading up to that point was a bit of a waiting process. I'm curious what your other songs sound like because this one feels more like a B-side or album cut. 

That said, your chorus, bridge and song after about 1:45 works pretty well. For me, the emotional engagement has to be strong within the first 30 seconds to keep my interest. This track has an 80s contemporary rock feel to it, so that nostalgia is nice, especially with the electric guitar overlay. The chorus is what makes the song work. Consider trying to work some different dynamics or composition pieces into your verses to give it the dynamic it needs to really shine.

Kerger K Montes submitted media.

Heaven Gate by Kristoff Montes.

D Grant Smith

Like a moving cinematic piece, the music builds slowly towards a glorious climax. Enjoyable all along the ride. Add the actual cinematography to this in the video and the track goes in even better places. Nice mix and flow. 

On a production end, the low-end (bass) could have a bit more presence. Highs and mids are certainly done well. But the lower end could have more of a presence for a more full, balanced presence.

Lee Epps submitted media.

Killer Eyes by Keeton Coffman

D Grant Smith

Fun song with beautiful harmonies, well-rounded melodies and upbeat passion. Loved the ride the song took me on. Beginning to end is what brought me back to the sound of 90s contemporary and country music that survives the test of time, while also recalling a lot of what works in modern singer-songwriter and Americana styles. Well done. Where's the rest of this songbook? It's worth diving into after this introduction.

Qyko submitted media.

Under My Skin by Qÿko

D Grant Smith

Fun, upbeat and exciting EDM track that works in a variety of settings. 

Nice production and mix. Well-balanced on the mix.

Great use of dynamics and movement shifts to create a flow that maintains the excitement throughout the track without becoming monotonous (one of the things many EDM tracks suffer from). Well done.

Qyko submitted media.

The Horseman by Qÿko

D Grant Smith

Strong movement and breaks timed in unexpected places. The better EDM/Club tracks carry that level of surprise for where the song will shift and change. This track does that fairly well. Could use a little more low end on production. So much high and mid-range tones leave me wanting to hear a more full, balanced sound.
Nice use of multiple instrument styles including the acoustic guitar, which is not as common in this music genre. The flute/horn parts sound cool too.

Mat Herron submitted media.

Absolute Contingency by The Ravenna Colt

D Grant Smith

For a swing-styled folk tune, this is a fun track. Nice intro to your songbook from a single standpoint. 
There are several genres and styles you can put this in, so your marketing outlets for promotion are vast. There's a little folk, a little swing, a little country, and a little singer-songwriter in here. The chorus is both moving and catchy, reminds me of something Elvis Costello or Lyle Lovette would do. Nice work!

Desert Sparrow submitted media.

City of Dreams by Desert Sparrow

D Grant Smith

Groovy tune with a sweet sound and intriguing lyrics. Loved the track and the mood it creates. 

I'm definitely interested in hearing your album. Reach out to me via email dgrantsmith@gmail.com to talk more.

Jason Garriotte submitted media.

Wonder by Chords of Truth

D Grant Smith

Great message here. Overall the songwriting works well with the mission of what you're trying to do.
The instruments are recorded an mixed well for the most part. The drums early on sound a little over-modulated on the kick drum but as the song progresses along and builds the slight distortion is corrected. That may be a bit of a picky notice on my part, but worth taking note. 

Loftän submitted media.

D Grant Smith

An indie rock tune with a sound like Leonna Naess of 8 years ago. Nice tune with an inventive video. The ambiance of the guitars provide a cool soundscape. 

Chickenpox Party submitted media.

Blues for Jesus by Chickenpox Party

D Grant Smith

Cool 90s style alt-tune reminiscent of the Toadies and Pearl Jam. Sweet work on the instrumental elements, particularly lead guitar and drums. Nice work on the hook, interesting play on words and ideologies. 

If you have more tracks on this album, submit the album to me. It'd be interesting to see how your music may fit on my radio show. Email me at dgrantsmith@gmail.com. 

Mike Simmons submitted media.

Dysmorphic by The Doom Tomb

D Grant Smith

Cool tune with a balanced recording. I enjoyed the whole thing, and now want to hear more of your music. Let's have a chat about that. Reach out to me dgrantsmith@gmail.com

leo sama submitted media.

I Don't Care by marijuanal

D Grant Smith

Good sound and fun punk tune. College radio is going to be your best bet for radio airplay for both the style and because your band name might be harder for public and community radio to get around. 
Either way, for your online/web radio promotion this is a great song for addition to punk and alternative programs. 

. . submitted media.

Louise Louise by The Vellas

D Grant Smith

Nice throwback garage band sound. Reminds me of a lot of the music I cut my teeth on in the early 90s. Upbeat and fun throughout. Makes me want to hear the rest of your album. I hope you'll send it along to me.

Submissions and details are just a conversation away. Email me at dgrantsmith@gmail.com and let's talk.

Jackson Begley submitted media.

I`m Goin`Under by Mind`s Eye

D Grant Smith

Fun and upbeat with a nice melody and a well-produced sound. Enjoyed the post-punk vibe. Nice work!
 Would be interested in hearing more tracks from you (I host an album-focused radio show). Reach out via http://dgrantsmith.com and we can talk more.

Andres Marin submitted media.

Spotless Mind by Dresjay

D Grant Smith

Good flow and lyricism. The tempo and speed on flowing the rhymes is impressive. 
The inclusion of the movie or show quote at the end is a little confusing, but it does play into the track. Might have been worthwhile to include that at the beginning instead of the end, but that's my opinion. 

Ricardo Temporao submitted media.

Love & War by Brutus Begins

D Grant Smith

Lovely EDM/Rock tune in the style of Purity Ring and The History Of Panic. Not too fast paced or over-tempo based, like many emerging artists do in this style. Nice production on mixing synth and guitars with drums in a balanced way. This track works well with a variety of styles, giving you some excellent radio options. Message me for more on that. This song would be a great fit for The Appetizer Radio Show. I hope there's a full album with this one and I look forward to hearing it.

Joel Rekiel submitted media.

D Grant Smith

Positive and upbeat with a toe-tapping beat and nice melody. Good song to jam out to and pick you up.

eric-scott guthrie submitted media.

D Grant Smith

Beautiful tune! Recalls Calexico and Iron & Wine's tag team album many moons ago. Nicely done. I hope that both your NPR Tiny Desk efforts create that opportunity, AND that you'll send me your tracks. You'd be a great fit on The Appetizer Radio Show. Wonderful listening experience!

Christopher Scott submitted media.

D Grant Smith

The pacing of this track sets it apart. R&B with a nice flow. Well produced with a sweet bass line. Just when it seems like the track will up the tempo it slows down for a 1/2 time piece. Nice work. 

Becca Fox submitted media.


D Grant Smith

Sweet groove!
Loved this track from beginning to end. The composition and movement added to some excellent use of drums, bass and guitar ebb/flow create a groove that gets into your veins. 
Would love to feature this on my radio show. Where is the album for this?

leo sama submitted media.

Party Hard by marijuanal

D Grant Smith

Fun punk rock with an old school California underground sound. Almost sounds like early-day Green Day with a blend of Homegrown and Screeching Weasel circa 90s era. The throwback style is very appealing to me. I cut my teeth listening to the 90s underground punk tunes. Loved this song!

Sahin Pera submitted media.

Dance On Fire by Mad Bard

D Grant Smith

The chorus pulled me in on the appeal with a combination of the beat and the music. Enjoyable song about the passion for dancing and celebrating. The simplicity of it all makes it appealing. Nicely done.

Joel Rekiel submitted media.

Liquid Lady by Open to the Hound

D Grant Smith

The sound is impressive. The video is incredibly creative. The story behind the video and the music is even more impressive. All of this leads to more intrigue in who you are, what other music you have, and what other ways I can experience you music. Kudos on building the intrigue for your music. Great presence musically and brilliantly orchestrated in your video. Killer costuming and sets. And the stories of doing this is such a frigid climate is amazing. Love it! Please send this on to me for potential radio airplay and blog feature.

Moses biko submitted media.

SowetoCali 2 Brokklynati by EYEZON + DON WiLL + VON PEA

D Grant Smith

Good flow and rhymes that goes in a few directions. Calling out some very big issues with an upbeat tempo takes the track in areas that make a stronger impact. I like that you don't pull punches and call it like you see it. Strongly written. Good job.

Marvin Scott submitted media.

jolly rancher butterfinger by CZΔR X LUSO

D Grant Smith

Overall fluid movement and sound. House tracks can get overly long and repetitive, but this didn't feel that way. It would have been better with a few more vocal effects and little diversity in the rhythm section, but a deeper dive into the album might provide those textures. Nice work!

George Hartline submitted media.

"Temporary Fix" -Music Video by The Harmless Doves

D Grant Smith

Overall nice sound and songwriting. Nice addition with the horn section. That little extra section adds a different kind of groove to the tune. Well done on all instrumental parts. This has a sound of if Barenaked Ladies or Counting Crows wrote in a folk or neo-country style with a little big band backing. Great track! Send this album my way.

Evan Tyler submitted media.

So Nuanced by EVAN TYLER + topless literati

D Grant Smith

This song grew on me as the track progressed through. A Miami styled pop sound with very cleverly written rhymes which drive the track that points a powerful lyrical finger at how we perceive music understanding. I appreciate the sarcasm yet subtle editorial nature of the American pop culture. Good stuff!

Kendel Lester submitted media.

How The Other Half Live by The Fox & The Hounds

D Grant Smith

One of the coolest alternative sounds I've sampled in a while. The instrumental textures paired with a sweet vocal arrangement, plus an alt-rock flair make for a sweet listening experience. This song succeeds in creating intrigue and leading me to want to explore a more full songbook. Perfect fit for The Appetizer Radio Show feature. Contact me directly to talk about this dgrantsmith@gmail.com.
Rock on!

Martin Tillman submitted media.

Cracked Diamonds by Martin Tillman

D Grant Smith

Fascinating instrumental song that seems to be a moving piece set to film, potentially an espionage score or similar. Well composed and produced with an intriguing movement. I'm curious what other pieces are attached to this release and what film/TV scores are being shopped for it. The "James Bond Movie" angle is the most obvious suggestion, but any John le Carré adaptation (or similar) would be just as good.

Marcin Cichy submitted media.

Birdman by Meeting by Chance

D Grant Smith

Nice chill-jazz tune, perfect for a relaxing afternoon or the background to a cozy day with a good book.
I enjoyed the light yet sparkling keys towards the end. Adds a nice little pick-up to the tune.