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featuring Carez Harris by Work Your Body

Greg Savage

Let me start off by saying the HOOK is infectious! I really like the production, it reminds me of an R&B throwback but a little more current sounding.

You've got everything down from the sound selection to the melody lines. Yes, I also caught that synth/bass slide 1:45/1:46 (pure ear candy, I love it).

This is just good overall production/feel-good type of music.

The vocalist is smooth and very fitting for the genre/vibe.

The mix is good, everything is sitting in pocket, nothing poking out too far, I love the imaging.

I'm not sure what the overall goal is for the track, but this, in my opinion, would fit nicely in a giant R&B curated playlist and would fit well in sync licensing (TV/Film). There are a lot of briefs floating around looking for this style of music.

Looking at the description you've supplied, your keywords are also fitting for sync. 

Keep up the good work, I'd love to hear more from you.

Ps- If you need more direction feel free to reach out to me.

- Greg Savage

John Masters

Nice hooks and vibe here, not entirely my genre but k really like funk retro vibe of it with the vocoder vocals. Reminds me off classic funk and rap stuff that does well. Very catchy tune. 

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