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Indie Band Guru

Solid summer banger! Smooth vocal with a strong beat. 
Could hear this one blasting out of cars at the beach this summer.

Travis Keller

I'm not a huge fan of pop music but you've def got the sound. I would say that it's probably one of the harder genres to crack into as far as the business side of it but if you've got connections keep at it. Otherwise maybe try a different genre just to save yourself some stress. But you've got the sound, reminds me of Justin Bieber with a little JT in there too. Don't give up. This shit is hard but don't give up.

Hugh McIntyre

Wow. Really loved this. I wish I had advice regarding how to make it pop and get out to the masses, but at the moment, I don't...other than to say you should find a manager and/or PR team and work to push this out. It's great. 

Benjamin Groff

Hey Nathan - thanks for the submission. It's rare that I get a song, production, everything that really is a solid all the way around.  I'll also check out your other stuff.  Just added to our Best of Weekly Indie playlist here on Spotify.  

Alan Cross

Nicely done. Solid songwriting, performance, and production. This, as far as my ears can tell, is radio ready--except for the lack of a video. You need to have something (even a lyric video or visualizer) on YouTube. That's were so many people go first to find new music.

As an independent artist, you have a big job ahead rising above the noise and the competition. Some tips:

1. Make friends with as many music bloggers as you can.

2. Post a clip of this song on TikTok. You never know if someone will take this music and run with it.

3. If the budget allows, get a video on YouTube.

4. Create a social media with Instagram. Answer all comments. Follow everyone back. Work to turn each new 
fan into an evangelist for what you can do.

This is not a sprint. Things take a long, long time to build. Meanwhile, keep writing and recording. Drip out material as often as you can. Just. Don't. Stop.

I'll share this with a few people I know. Good luck!

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