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Pentacore is an amateur producer of spooky hard rock tunes, even when it's not Halloween. Resides in Detroit, MI, USA

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Demon Inside by Pentacore Music

Benjamin Groff

Hey Pentacore ... I liked the overall vibe / production in the beginning i.e. the spooky hard rock you mention  Great visual also with the eye.  Vocally I had some comments - the chorus sounds strong and good.  I'm just wondering if the key is just a little low ?  Like the chorus vocals sound strong...I think there could be something stronger about the other vocals.  Even if it's double tracking those or some type of effect.  Also - I haven't heard your other songs but would you ever consider a female vocal to add to the project - that can always bring another element.  Loved the instrumental bridge.  Overall I thought it was really strong - now it's about finding the right communities out there to support and they are out there in the corners of the internet, spotify playlists, youtube distribution channels etc.  Hope it's helpful!

Alan Cross

I like it. The one thing I'd like to hear is different vocal approaches with the verses. Maybe sing it in a higher register? Or perhaps mix up the registers? I won't know if that works until I hear it, but it might be worth a try. Same this with the chorus. What about more layers?

There's also room for a few flourishes in the pre-chorus to build tension. Maybe a few short guitar or keyboard licks? As it sits, there seems to be something missing.

I'm guessing that those aren't live drums. There's certainly room for a little more freedom and craziness there.

An excellent start. Keep working on it.

Raymond Flotat

Thanks so much for the submission! It's rare that someone asks for brutally honest feedback! So this is a fun song overall. I think there are some small things that could help it pop, mostly from the mixing side. The vocals feel tuned up a bit too high in the mix. I don't have the best word for it, but the little Peter Murphy-esque histrionics, the small enunciations at the end of syllables, the exhales, the breaths, you hear them too audibly on top of all the instrumentation. Similarly, the guitars almost feel too low in the mix during the chorus parts. Like they're muted or pushed down intentionally? The drums in the chorus almost feel too high in the mix. And lastly, if my ears aren't mistaken, it sounds like there's some kind of backing vocalist on the chorus? (or double tracking of a different voice). Where it sits in the mix currently, it's not audible enough to really hear what that backup singer is doing. It becomes more of a distraction right when you want to be paying attention to the chorus most. Either needs to be turned up and balanced more with the lead vocal or turned off completely. Thanks again for your submission!

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