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Alan Cross

This is wonderful! I'm a fan of this sort of atmospheric music and you've done a great job with this track. No notes from me at all.

Let me share this with my network. Let's hope that you get some nice traffic. 

Hergeir Staksberg submitted media.

Love Me Tinder by Emma Di Lemma

Travis Keller

I was surprised how much I liked this. Not normally into stuff this cute and poppy but it was fun. You've got something here, don't stop. 

I hope that cat finds true love.

Lauren Gribble

Hi Hergeir! Thanks for submitting Love Me Tinder. I loved the sound and overall style. The concept of the song's lyrics are a bit quirky, but it works. I think fans of this style of music will absolutely love the song. Great work, keep it up!

Indie Band Guru

Fun song with a heart pounding beat. Even funner when you absorb what the song is really about. 

Hugh McIntyre

I liked this, but it didn't do quite enough for me to really stand out. I think it needs a little something more to really pop. I am not a producer, so I can't say specifically what that would be, but I encourage you to continue playing with it. However, this is just my opinion--I'm sure your current fans would say it's perfect, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt!

Alan Cross

The Faroe Islands? Cool! I don't hear of a lot of acts from that part of the planet. 

Here's my only criticism of the song: It's too short! I found myself enjoying it so much that I was disappointed when it ended. Seriously.

Tell you what: Send me a high-quality MP3 and a three-line bio and I'll do what I can to get the song some feature radio play here in Toronto. Use alan@alancross.ca 

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