Christopher Jenkins

Christopher Jenkins

Christopher Jenkins

Pianist / Music Composer
Christopher is a pianist and music composer from Maryland, currently living in Washington, DC. 

The debut album "First Movements Along A Curve" was recorded and mixed by Jeff Gruber at Blue House Productions in Silver Spring, Maryland. The music was mastered by Jackson Wargo (of the band Snowball II). Christopher Jenkins (C.M. Jenkins) is producing the album.


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film scoring, piano, music composition
classical, instrumental, cinematic, neo-classical

Recent Submissions

Christopher Jenkins submitted media.

Piano Concerto #1 by C.M. Jenkins

simon illa

This is a really great composition and the performance and recording were really well done.

I have a few suggestions that I hope can help

Seek out young film students that may have projects that need scoring.  Its always a good way to gain experience and build a resume.  Plus if you start establishing relationships with young film makers, you can potentially grow with them.  

Also there are many companies that take independent music and seek out licensing.   Companies like Crucial Music and Affix Music can sometimes find a place for your music.  Do a Google search for independent music licensing.

Feel free to stay in touch and feel free to ask more questions!

Thanks for sharing!

Liane Chan

The music and video seemed to go well together, I liked the animation. The piano sounded great, it was a very classical sounding concerto. I’m not sure what the video was about, but it went well with the music. There is a contrast of the animation to the music, but it is effective in its messaging m.

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