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Living in Between (Official Video) by Matthew Ryan Jacobs

Alan Cross

Good bit of Americana. Nice work with songwriting, performance, and production. Good video, too. Where did you find a Javelin in that kind of shape? (That IS a Javelin, right? Or is it some kind of Chrysler/Dodge?)

This is the sort of music that spreads fastest through live performance. That's obviously very challenging but not entirely impossible right now. Do what you can.

Meanwhile, you might want to consider a radio plugger to help you get this to the right people at the CBC, SiriusXM, and campus radio. It could also find so life on commercial radio--country, maybe?--that given the Canadian radio landscape, that may be a bit of a stretch. Still...

Keep in mind that any musician today is in it for the long haul. Keep dribbling out new material to your fans on a regular basis. (Hip-hop artists have this figured out.) Keep pushing things on social media. (Don't forget TikTok!) 

I'll share this with the people I know. Good luck!

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