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Love To Love You by Christen Morrell

Hugh McIntyre

One of the best things I've been sent on this platform. Really loved this. I encourage you to hire a publicist or spend money to market this somehow, because I could see this helping you develop a fan base and becoming a working musician!

Benjamin Groff

Hey Christen - sorry the delay in getting back!  I think it's a nice song you have here and like your voice.  I like when the chorus hits - it really hits and has an impact.  Really good song title too!  The only thing that I could think of that might help with the song - maybe - is a 2nd melody.  And what is that?  I have a whole article on this here: I actually just had a song come in from one of my pro writers where this happened as well.  The idea is inserting an additional melody in the mix vs just "chords" that help light up the brain.  As an experiment and a song - somewhat in your lane is Carly Rae Jepson "Call Me Maybe" - if you listen to that 3 times in a row (seriously do it) you'll notice the importance of that 2nd melody / riff ... and then listen to your song.  I think you'll find that the 2nd melody can be the "secret sauce" in making songs pop and light up.  Hope it's helpful!

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