It's Heavy, it's dark, it's O.G. hardcore rock and roll, underground legend, Mark Evan Holt.  Hailing from Vienna Virginia, Mark tried gentrifying the NOVA Punk Scene in the early 90's by brining his high school grunge band, "psychosis aberration" into the very violent and drug fueled underground.   After starting several underground bands, failing, moving around Virginia and developing a love for the coffee bean and bottle, Mark used his musical skills as therapy, then went on hiatus after his second divorce and a suicide attempt that nearly ended his life.   He now resides in Fredericksburg Virginia and travels the Nation as a stylist and musician. a father, producer, musician and survivor.   Aren't we all in 2021?

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(Mark Evan Holt)

all songs written, preformed and produced by Mark Evan Holt.
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indie rock, alternative, punk, hardcore, pop, alternative rock, post-hardcore, pop punk, grunge
Fredericksburg, VA

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HOLTFACTION HOLT submitted media.

Satan Worships You by HOLTFACTION

Benjamin Groff

Hey Holtfaction - dig the title and concept. One thing that I thought of in the 1st 15 seconds of the song - is I think the vocals could be up higher in the mix?  Also there's some other really interesting lyrics throughout the song - so thanks for that.  I'm not sure if this one is quite in my lane as I usually do more indie pop and pop and EDM so I'm not sure how much creative input I have...as far as promoting this song - I think there is a niche for every genre on the internet and my favorite way to promote is using youtube video ads with a great video.  And then believe it or not, I think TikTok - even for your genre might be underutilized but i can almost guarantee there's an audience for this darker indie / indie rock sound on the platform.  Hope it's helpful - i'll look and see / hear what else you have on line. 

Alan Cross

Love the title. Got my attention right away. 

Definitely a lo-fi recording without a lot of bottom end. Is this a demo or a final mix? If you're looking for advice, I'd look at beefing up the bass and creating a mix that has more stereo separation. It shouldn't be that hard to turn this into a Husker Du-like performance that would just KILL.

The song is definitely there. I'd just like the recording to sound BIGGER, you know?

Bob Lugowe

Great song title / lyrics, compelling backstory and driving beat / fuzzed out guitars throughout the track. I wasn't crazy about the vocals but did appreciate the edge and rawness they gave to the song. 
In terms of promotional advice, I would start by suggesting that you include a description of the song and lyrics in addition to the bio you already included. Perhaps include direct links to hear more music online too. This is your elevator pitch in front of the right people so you want to make it as easy as possible for listeners to get the full picture of who you are and what you're about along with an easy way to find more of your music if they're interested.  

If you're not already, be sure to use all of the available and FREE artist tools across the DSPs like Spotify for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Amazon Music for Artists and Bandcamp's artist platform as these will provide great insight into your fanbase, how your music is performing and allow you to optimize your profiles and pitch for inclusion on playlists in certain instances. Also, I can't stress enough how imporant Bandcamp is for indie artists so make sure you build a presence there and put your music on there. I would suggest setting it up as a pay-what-you-want download to try to build some fans from the get-go. 

If you're looking for more promotion and building a fanbase you should consider hiring a publicist or a specialized music marketing firm that you feel you can trust and is a fan of your music to help with the release of your next single and/or album to help you get visibility on blogs, playlisting, print media, etc. If you're not already on a label, consider trying to get signed to one as they can help you with the promo and playlist pitching. Lastly, make sure you have a strong social media presence and that you're on all the right platforms (instagram, tik tok, twitter, Triller, etc) with a unique aesthetic as this will help you draw in listeners and hopefully stand out amongst a sea of performers. Having strong visual content and music videos can def help get your music out there more than just releasing it without any promotional effort. 

Best of luck!

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