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Incendiary Sweet

emerging singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist
🎸🎤♿️🥁🎧  Incendiary Sweet is Victoria Feige. She is an emerging singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Vancouver, Canada. Her music is a mix of Metric meets Jack Johnson.

She is a world champion in adaptive surfing. After a snowboarding accident left her partially paralyzed, she returned to skiing, surfing and playing music. In the past, she was reluctant to perform or record her music; one rarely sees wheelchair users on stage.

Since Covid, her mindset has changed. She pivoted to include music in her serious pursuits. She has played shows in the past with members of the bands Hey Ocean and Parlour Steps.  During the pandemic, she has been writing and recording. She is currently recording with Winston Hauschild.
Vancouver, Canada

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Physics & Chemistry by Incendiary Sweet

Alan Cross

Nice stuff. I hope there's money in the budget for a video, even if it's just a lyric video or visualizer. You need to be on YouTube, especially when it comes to blogs wanting to embed your music.

You should definitely send this to CBC Radio 3 as well as SiriusXM's The Verge, which is their all-Canadian channel. If you're looking to break through into commercial radio, you'll need a publicist and a plugger. There are plenty of good ones available.

Finally, make sure this is available for use on TikTok. Lyrically, this could appeal to any number of people needing music to make their statement. Good luck!

Incendiary Sweet submitted media.

Fairytales by Incendiary Sweet

Incendiary Sweet submitted media.

Incendiary Sweet by Rolling On

Arielle J.

I happened to be drinking my morning coffee while listening to this and you're right, it does pair well. :)  Based on this track I would definitely say there's more of a surfer girl feel good vibe over an indie rocker vibe, just because it's more on the mellow side. But depending what the rest of your work is like I could see it crossing more into rocker territory. Definitely could see this resonating with a lot of people as they emerge from the struggles of COVID - not sure how much you're open to marketing to teens specifically but I bet a lot of people would love making inspirational Tiktoks to this track! Something to think about. I remember your earlier submission on here and happy to see another one from you!

Jen Dan

Lovely unfurling acoustic folk/classic pop track here, with the most positive and (self-)empowering lyrics! 

Your, yes, sweet vocals gently flow along with the rich, up-beat instrumentation and pop-centered composition. Very enjoyable in music and lyrics, especially during the dark days that we're enduring now.

I also wanted to touch upon your specific request about coverage ideas, as well as musical style. IMO you should create and play what you feel passionate about, so if that's acoustic pop one day, and indie rock the next, just go with your own flow.

About promotion, it's even more difficult these days (since the pandemic hit) due to the lack of live shows. Everyone is now trying to get coverage online at music sites/blogs, and there's only so much space/time for platforms to run articles.

But since online is the main way to go now (and radio too, but I don't know that end of it), I would suggest either working with a PR agency or directly contacting music websites, writers, and bloggers with a pitch.

You can also use Facebook Groups and post (about) your music in the appropriate groups. And I'm assuming there are other platforms/groups like this online you could join and promote your music.

Just some suggestions! Hope at least some of this can help you out. :)

Pieter Winkelaar

This is a great song! Really liked it. Very nicely written and produced

Alan Cross

Love the name "Incendiary Sweet!" 

Nicely done. Good songwriting and performance. I might have done the final mix a little differently--it sounds a bit too compressed for me--but it's a lovely song. 

Some tips:

1. You have to be in this for the long run. Nothing's going to happen overnight. Instead, work on building your fanbase one person at a time. This means having a strong social media strategy and responding to everyone who makes a comment on your tunes. 

2. Think about posting a couple of 30-second clips on TikTok. If the stars align, someone will pick it up for...something and it'll go viral.

3. Playing live will be important. Easier said than done, I know, but things are starting to pick up. You'll get your shot. If you don't have an agent or a manager, now is the time to start looking.

4. Keep writing and releasing songs. The most effective strategy these days seems to be a constant drip-drip-drip of new material to keep fans engaged. The idea of saving everything up for an album seems passe in the digital era.

5. Consider a lyric video. You need to be on all the streaming services, including YouTube.

6. Start making friends with music supervisors. Maybe something like this could be placed in a TV show or film.

7. Once you have all your ducks in a row, consider a radio plugger to help you get your songs in front of the right people. 

Hope that helps! Good luck.

Incendiary Sweet submitted media.

Charlie Ashcroft

It’s so great to be sent the instrumental version of this. The various “builds” and crescendos stand out considerably, and you feel it could work well as the soundtrack to a video game or podcast if it were licensed in the right way. Keep up the good work Victoria! I’ll keep an ear out for any possible sync opportunities for this song. 

Jacob Nathan

Hey Victoria - This is a cool track! Interesting choice sending the instrumental as opposed to the vocal for review, but overall I like them both. I think that the instrumental shows off some really solid production - and you have good builds and swells throughout. The song has a nice familiarity to it, like a comfortable pair of shoes or something. The vocal cut has a few things going on worth addressing... I think that the vocals are mixed a little hot, so you could bring those down a bit, and also, there's something a little too clean about them. The track would benefit from a little more grunginess to it, some more of that PNW spirit. It sounds like you might be holding back a little bit, where you should really let it out.

In terms of sync licensing - there _could_ be a spot for a song like this in a film or television show, but it would be a highly specific type of usage. Keeping lyrical themes more universal keeps songs a little more 'sync-friendly' - but I'm not going to tell you how to make your art. 

I think that as a songwriter you have a ton of potential & just need to keep grinding. BUT! You gotta sign up as a songwriter with BMI (or SOCAN) - people need to know who publishes your material & who wrote it. I did a quick search of your name and it didn't pop up, so I'd get that squared away ASAP. Also, make sure that any time you send your .mp3s out you have your contact info in the metadata.

Good work!

Incendiary Sweet submitted media.

Charlie Ashcroft

I can’t get the Soundcloud embed to load! Let me know if you can re-submit…

Incendiary Sweet submitted media.

Disaffected Scrolling Thru by Incendiary Sweet

Jen Dan

Hey Victoria! 
What a beautiful tune here that melds dynamic rock and melodic pop - and has something meaningful to say. I love your insightful lyrics that can be taken in different ways; from information and interaction superficiality and creating fake personalities in the social media realm, to the fine line between our true selves and what we want, or need, to project to the world to get by in it.
Your vocals are smooth, but soulful with your heartfelt emotions shining through on the rousing chorus sections.
I'm really enjoying the stirring guitars on the chorus, and it's cool how the folk-pop verses slide into the lively '70s-rock-imbued chorus parts with added keyboard notes. The kicky drumming also lifts the sonics up nicely.
Well done and very catchy!
Just a quick word about marketing the track/video: This is probably obvious, but you should try to reach out to editors/writers at various music sites that you enjoy and that feature the type of music you play and request coverage - any type: news, interview, premiere before the release date. Hope it works out well for you!

Matt Langham

I enjoyed this. I felt like maybe it's a song in two halves; the indie rock thrum of the chiming verses is fully realised and works really well (it recalled Death Cab for me) but the more fuzzed out chorus didn't necessarily catch as much as I hoped. Maybe it might be worthwhile thinking about how the two ends of this dynamic can be pulled further apart - the lovely vocal is a through-line that will tie everything together regardless, and the result might be more impactful. 

Heather Frazier Behling

I like this sound -- I love how it starts off a little slow and then builds up when the chorus hits. The climax of the song is great, too! I think honesty is a great tool to use in your marketing, I like that you don't want to use the wheelchair as a "token" and you don't need to! The music itself stands alone! Between honesty and relatibility, I think you can attract a great audience!

John Masters

Cool vibes here, some of the harder parts remind me of Liz Phair and a lot of 90s rock stuff — definitely a good take on the genre! Nicely done 

Arielle J.

Love this! I thought it was great how it started off on the mellower side and then turned into a heavier rock song as the song progressed - it was unexpected and delightful. This track is really polished and makes me miss live music so much as I can totally picture being in a crowd at a cool venue listening to something like this. I understand why you don't want to be tokenized as a person in a wheelchair and I absolutely do not think you need that in order to promote yourself. This track is beautiful and your talent can stand on its own as you work to get your name out there, and of course if/when asked about the wheelchair you can speak to it as much or as little as you'd like. But let it just be another part of you the way being a surfer or being Canadian is a part of you and hopefully it will normalize the idea of seeing more wheelchairs out on stage!

Lauren Gribble

Hi Victoria! Thanks for sending in your song! I really enjoyed it and I felt that everything went really well together and that people will really love your voice. Looking forward to hearing more from you! Good luck!


Indie Band Guru

Solid songwriting. The opening is quite different. Kind of feels like 2 separate songs. Not sure about commercial viability. Possibly with a bigger production style and focus. Personally I like the rockin' section more.

Early PR would probably mention the wheelchair-bound front woman angle but then could focus on the music after that. It is rare (especially in the rock vein) so it would be a catching point. 

Hugh McIntyre

I enjoyed this song. I thought you had some really great moments songwriting-wise and I believe it's clear you know what you're doing in that department. It's fun, but I do feel it's missing a little something musically to take it to the next level. It gets just a little repetitive at points. Maybe a different producer or another musician could help you change things up slightly? Otherwise, really well done.

Pieter Winkelaar

Good popsong. Great singing. Wouldn't be suprised if this became a hit!

Charlie Ashcroft

Great song with a big chorus! Would sound great on the radio and definitely has some sync potential. It’d definitely be worth uploading to Amazing Radio to see if any of the presenters there would be keen to feature on their shows. If you’re looking for a UK-based radio campaign I can also recommend a few radio pluggers. 

Angela Mastrogiacomo

I really like this! It caught me by surprise but it's really catchy and I love the ebb and flow of it. It's really diverse and while it has that familiarity that I think is crucial to commercial success or even niche success on a smaller scale, there's something about the switching rhythms that keeps it really interesting. Can see this working primarily in rock outlets, places that have heavily covered festivals like Warped Tour in the past, but I can see some pop marketability too. Would love to do a PR campaign around this! Feel free to email me:

Mike Mineo

"Disaffected Scrolling Thru" engages initially with a lush guitar-laden bounce and amiably lush vocals, asking "can you be someone you've never been?" upon the rousing guitar-based expansion approaching the one-minute mark. The "calling your bluff," vocal hook energizes, seamlessly guiding back into the now acoustic-laden verses. I enjoyed the production's balancing of an approaching, accessible structure with a knack for tonal variety, the mellower pop verses flowing enjoyably into the more rockin' "calling your bluff," chorus. The "change the game," bridge succeeds equally with an enamoring, dreamy charm. "Disaffected Scrolling Thru" is a thoroughly engaging track, thanks for sending! I've added the track to my 'Best of May 2021' playlists on Soundcloud and Spotify. If seeking further help with PR, feel free to email me at, to inquire about my PR services' rates and success stories. Thanks again for sending this one! -Mike

Jerry Doby

Good storyline and very true! Nice arrangement

Frank Bell

First off congrats with the new single! Happy to see you're creating! Lovely tune! From a lyrical standpoint, I kind of wish there were more verses/variance and the bridge more fleshed out. Maybe a stripped down chorus to really help drive the last chorus home. From a marketing/strategy standpoint, I usually best to plan at least 4 weeks in advance, that way you can reach out to blogs, playlists, set up pre-sale links, etc in advance. I think this song would also do well with a lyric video or some other form of shareable content. Congrats again, and thanks for sharing! 

Liane Chan

This song seems to address a modern issue of social media, and I can relate to not wanting to see certain types of posts. I like the sound and lyrics of this song, it’s a pleasant rock tune that reminds me of 90’s alt songstresses like Liz Phair or Throwing Muses. Seems very radio friendly not that I listen to radio much these days, but I think it would be great on any adult alternative station.

Nate Maingard

Thanks for sharing this with me.

As you asked about marketing, I'll focus on that: 
We are always 'marketing' to one another, which is just another way of saying 'telling stories'. If we tell stories which align with us, who we are, what our message in, they'll be inspiring for the right people. I don't think you should hold back from integrating the story of who you are, what you've been through and how that affects your life, music and everything else. You'll find the correct balance over time, I'm sure. Just the fact that you're sensitive to the potential for it to be used as a 'novelty' gives you the capacity to make sure it stays rooted in authenticity and truthspeaking. 

On a practical note, obviously getting the 'brand story' clear and approachable is important. Then, with marketing, you might want to look at doing a music marketing course (the one I recommend is Music Marketing Manifesto: (this is an affiliate link)). 

A music marketing course will give you the specific tools you need to craft your story and then help it to reach the right people. I was super inspired by this band who, over time, have experience huge success marketing themselves and if you read their story, it's deeply personal and moving (

None of these are short-term or quick-fix solutions but if you're in it for the long haul, then it's worth getting the foundations really dialled in to support your career over a lifetime!

Hope that all helps, let me know if you have any other questions and I wish you all the best


PS: lovely lyrics, I'm totally resonating with the message!

Benjamin Groff

 Hey Incendiary Sweet - great artist name!  One quick observation - I was really hoping clicking play that there was going to be video of you playing - the snap shot there is really captivating and I was ready to see a performance - so as a suggestion, that might not be a bad simple music video idea!  

I also think this is a strong song .. I like the change up in the guitar work, riff, vocals, production - all sounds solid - nice work all around.  

As far as promoting it and advice - Having released over 100 records - I've just found over the years that more rock oriented music - well, it's harder ... there seems to be less outlets, YouTube channels, blogs, etc supporting more rock things.    My suggestion is often the best bang for the buck is an original YouTube video (doesn't need to be a $10K video - you can make a $100,000 video with the right idea for $500 and then use YT video budget to promote it.  Also - don't forget TikTok!  I think that's a ripe platform for someone to break in the rock space and there's a corner of TikTok there, likely, for your fans! 

Hope it's helpful - and nice work! 

Alan Cross

Nice stuff. No notes from me on songwriting, performance, or production. 

Given your story, the most powerful thing you can do to spread the word is to play live. Obviously, that's not an option at the moment, but when things open up again you have a chance to be tremendously inspirational.

Tell you what: Send a high-quality MP3 and a three-line bio to and I'll see if I can get you some feature play on 102.1 the Edge/Toronto.