Luke Cyrus Hunter

Luke Cyrus Hunter

Luke Cyrus Hunter

Musician & Indie Artist
Luke Cyrus Hunter is a man of many mysterious keys known for fusing retro with modern sounds. Calling Kitchener, Ontario home, Hunter is using this pandemic down period to release some new singles and videos. This will all lead to an album release in the summer of 2021.  In 2017 Hunter released his debut solo album 'RE-NEW', followed by two video singles in 2019, and 2020.  He continues to show his versatility in his new rock influenced single, 'A Better Way'.  The latest single moves into the rock arena while still including his signature combination of dense sonic strokes and sophisticated musicianship. 

Hunter continues his partnership with trusty whiz/ co-producer/percussionary partner-in-crime Wayne Bond. The duo sticks to their trademark arrangement of live drums, rhythmic electric guitar, Hunter's husky vocals plus auld style keyboard pizazz, shake it up and Voila!  Coolamundo Multi-Keys Mojo from start to finish.
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Kitchener, Ontario

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Luke Cyrus Hunter- A Better Way by Luke Cyrus Hunter

Alan Cross

Interesting approach. This does have a similar production feel to some of the polished rock of the 80s (think Mike + the Mechanics and 80s-era Moody Blues) especially in some of the keyboard sounds. This may push the song outside the realms of some current radio formats, but I wouldn't worry too much about that. If this is what you do, then work on being the best that you can be.

Good use of found video. You gotta be on YouTube or you just don't exist. That's a face. 

As for social media support, Facebook might be the best as users tend to be older and therefore more amenable to the slight retro sound of this song. 

The best thing artist can do these days is keep writing and releasing material. Build a portfolio. Create a YouTube channel. Refer everything to that link. And interact with everyone who makes a comment.

Good luck!