Ross Newhouse

Ross Newhouse

Ross Newhouse

Indie Folk with unique, atmospheric sampling
Ross Newhouse is a songwriter from New Jersey. Combining lo-fi and folk influences, Ross's witty and visceral storytelling mixed with sample-based production leaves the listener feeling a sense of nostalgia for something that hasn't happened yet.
New York City

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Jen Dan

Wow, Ross - First off, I'm slayed by your lyrics. So perceptive about a broken-up relationship, acerbic in intent and wordplay, and poetic. 
And of course the cold, snowy winter-time video feeds into the bleak feeling of the lyrics.
The song itself is a beautiful indie electro-folk track touched with poignant emotions, lightly yearning vocals, mellifluously flowing acoustic guitar lines, a subtly glowing electro/synth atmosphere, shuffling pace, and echoed sporadic percussion.
While your music and voice are captivating, it's your lyrics that really strike at the heart and leave a strong mark. Well done!

Bree Noble

Could use a little more melodic hook but the style is lovely. Reminds me of Ed Sheeran.

Mike Mineo

Graceful guitar trickles and an emotive, soaring vocal presence exude an emotive, consuming melodic feel to start. "if it wasn't for hindsight I'd be blind," lyrical lead-in, featuring backing vocal escalation, plays effectively. The yearning folk aesthetic is convincing throughout, like a lusher vein of Bright Eyes. The piano-laden additions throughout also add lushly engaging qualities. I'm impressed by the gently absorbing production qualities and melodic pull in general. Since you noted needing help with promotion, feel free to email me at to inquire more about my PR servicing. Thanks for sending -- definitely a quality track!

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