Zack Kelemen

Zack Kelemen

Zack Kelemen

Electronic pop music producer and artist from Denver, CO bringing dark and blended genres into a cohesive and hard hitting new type of music.
Denver, CO

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Hugh McIntyre

Good job! I enjoyed the video, and the song, for the most part. There were times I thought it was brilliant, and then at times it wore on me a little, if I'm being honest. It was really clever in a lot of ways, and then also amateurish at other times. Perhaps there's something to be done in production/mixing/mastering that would make it sound just a little bit more premium?

Benjamin Groff

Hey Free Grunt - i liked the song and the video.  One thing I think you have going for you is your really honed in to a niche audience - which is good...because if you can nail it in that audience and tribe - they can broadcast your message more.  So as far as promotion advice, I would look into those corners of the internet, Instagram, specialty clubs, even make up artists in the goth to horror world that might be up for supporting your music and / or doing something with it.   Also if it's helpful - a lot of the promotion advice I have is in my 275 + page book which was a #1 new release on Amazon called "How Do I Get A Record Deal? Sign Yourself!"  It's Amazon but as a bonus you can get it for a free download right here.  Also I think you could get a good bang for your buck on YouTube video ads and doing a tightly targeted campaign i.e. .03-.05 cents per view.  Hope that's helpful!

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