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Stephie Victome

Stephie Victome

Black Lives Matter!
California, USA

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Tim Medcraft

Hey Stephie,
Good track.  Who did the production?  Is it a recording written with a producer or a purchased / licensed beat?
Couple of simple points - you need to update your Spotify page with bios etc as there is nothing about you there.
Same for other socials.  Is there a soundcloud and Bandcamp page.
Do you have instrumentals for all the tracks and stems?  You'll need these for syncs.
And happy birthday for tomorrow.
Please let me know on the above
Best wishes

Hugh McIntyre

I liked this. I applaud you on being able to make a video that was probably done with a limited budget, but which still feels very cool, sexy and interesting. The track was nice, but I'm not sure it's quite enough to stand out from the pack. There's a LOT of music right now that fits under the alt-R&B label, and it's really difficult to break through. I think you're talented, but as you progress, maybe play around more with sounds, songwriting and anything and everything else and see if you can't discover something that will help set your art apart.

Benjamin Groff

Hi Stephie!  Great looking video and really enjoyed the cinematography of this.  It also really matched the song perfectly and created a great vibe.  So - well done on that!   One overall comment is that by about 1 min 15 seconds or so (if not sooner) I was expecting and/or hoping for a chorus to come in sooner.  Eventually it does come in of course - but it might be worth considering getting your chorus in a little quicker.  Not that I would edit this as it's a strong piece as is.  Also great title and concept.  I'm not sure if the song is quite right for what I'm working on at the moment but I'm definitely going to check out some more!   Nice work.  Also as a bonus - for some other ideas on promotion, you can pick up a book I just wrote on a tone of ideas that might be helpful.  And it's totally free if you want to get it here.  Also for some other promotion tips - i have this video of 48 post release marketing ideas that might be helpful! Hope it helps!  

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