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Cold Nights by Swigga Geovanni

Hugh McIntyre

I liked this! I wish it was a bit longer! I don't have anything to say about your lyrical content or songwriting, as I thought it was all catchy and well done. Next time around I might think about trying to make it all sound a bit more premium if that makes sense? At the moment, the recording quality and the beat itself both feel a little less than, and I think if you turned it all up slightly, or perhaps did it all in a different way, it might sound even better.

Bob Lugowe

Cool song with good production though it doesn't sound too different than most mainstream radio tracks and relys a bit too heavily on auto-tune. You've def got talent but perhaps try to set yourself apart from most of the artists of today by developing your sound a bit further. 
In terms of promotional advice, I would start by suggesting that you include a description of the song and bio about the artist along with links to your social media in your Fluence submission. This is your elevator pitch in front of the right people so you want to make it as easy as possible for listeners to get the full picture of who you are and what you're about along with an easy way to find more of your music if they're interested. Also your website looks very amateur, no offense, but if you're trying to get signed to a major label you need everything to look and feel as professional as possible from the get-go. 

If you're not already, be sure to use all of the available and FREE artist tools across the DSPs like Spotify for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Amazon Music for Artists and Bandcamp's artist platform as these will provide great insight into your fanbase, how your music is performing and allow you to optimize your profiles and pitch for inclusion on playlists in certain instances.

If you're looking for more promotion and building a fanbase you should consider hiring a publicist or a specialized music marketing firm that you feel you can trust and is a fan of your music to help with the release of your next single and/or album to help you get visibility on blogs, playlisting, print media, etc. If you're not already on a label, consider trying to get signed to one as they can help you with the promo and playlist pitching. Lastly, make sure you have a strong social media presence and that you're on all the right platforms (instagram, tik tok, twitter, Triller, etc) with a unique aesthetic as this will help you draw in listeners and hopefully stand out amongst a sea of performers. Having strong visual content and music videos can def help get your music out there more than just releasing it without any promotional effort. 

Lastly I said it above but can't stress enough how important it is to build your own fanbase on social media and really push your own personality across your channels and have it look and feel as pro as possible. Artists have more power than ever these days so take advantage of all the tools available!  

Best of luck!