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JP Alexandre

JP Alexandre

Music producer, artist, song writer, independent Mexican rapper.

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Benjamin Groff

Hi JP really solid song here.  Quick question - have you thought about releasing an English and a Spanish version?  My hunch is it might double your chances for playlisting opportunities.  Overall I do like this but I'm generally looking for more uptempo, beat driven indie pop for signing on the label / publishing side.  I do have one comment creatively that might be helpful for forthcoming songs.  I noticed that in each section that a lot of the space if filled with vocal information.  Sometimes having space can be an instrument too and really can let the song breathe more (like that the end of the song).  For instance - if you have verses that have a lot of space - and chorus is filled with vocal information - sometimes that can be a good use of contrast and help each section "pop" more and be more unique and stand out.  Hope it's helpful.  Benjamin.  

Scott Cohen

Super cool.  Get some action going on Tik Tok.

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