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Frederic Winther

Frederic Winther

Separated by distance but united by a love of sunny harmonies and fuzzy guitars, NOVA WAVES is a band of long-time friends using modern technology to spread their classic sound around the world. They draw from the songcraft of the British invasion and the golden age of Indie pop to create an irresistible sound laden with rich group harmonies. 

Each member of the group had their own distinctive musical career before life spread them around the globe. Residing in Australia, France, and Spain, they have recorded their albums of surf inspired psych pop remotely, allowing the songs to grow organically as each member added their own unique creative input.

What initially started as a studio project between friends quickly turned into a series of songs and albums rich in meetings and collaboration:
From «Dreamworld» released in 2016 to «Going the Distance» made with Paco Loco in 2021, NOVA WAVES shake up the limits of musical collaboration for the pleasure of our ears!

NOVA WAVES are Fred (bass, guitars, keys, vocals), Cris (guitars, vocals), Frank (guitars, ukulele, vocals) and Higinio (drums, vocals).
France, Spain, Australia

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Radio Sound by Nova Waves

Mike Mineo

Mellow keys and lush acoustics combine with suave, airy vocals for an aesthetic fondly reminiscent of Elliott Smith. The multi-layered vocal escalation around the 35-second mark evolves with satiating enjoyment, especially upon the twangy guitar injections at 00:45. Also reminding me of Sean Lennon here. 01:11 serves as another excellent moment, with percussive fury halting and then giving way to pleasing backing organs. I'm fond of the various twists and turns within, maintaining an accessible, familiar aesthetic throughout that makes for easy engagement. Nice work on this -- I added to my 'Best of February 2021' playlist on Spotify, and plan to post on OS. Since you noted needing help with promotion, feel free to email me at to inquire about my PR service's rates and success stories -- would be happy to chat more. Thanks for sending! -Mike

Indie Band Guru

Definitely an Elliot Smith vibe but kicked up with a more modern sound. 
Cool song that is pop-relatable but extends into other realms. And yes the melody does creep its way into the listener's subconscious!

Raymond Flotat

Thanks so much for the submission. Fun song. Definitely liked it. Absolutely hear the Beatles influence in it. Don't really have much in the way of feedback because the song (and video) pretty fully formulated. The one thing I would suggest if there's ever time to go back to this song is it feels like at the very end it would benefit from kind of soothing decrescendo. Something where almost all of the music drops out and it's just a soothing vocal melody to end everything off. Other than that, great song!

Frederic Winther submitted media.

Sugar In The Clouds by Nova Waves

Alan Cross

This is good. REALLY good. There's a George Harrison wooziness. And I certainly hear the Radiohead influence. I found myself turning things up about 15 seconds into the song. I wish it was longer, too. Good job with the video. The things you can do when you're in lockdown, right?

Tell you what: If you send me a high-quality MP3 I'll see if I can get this some radio airplay on 102.1 the Edge/Toronto. Use for the drop.

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