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Hugh McIntyre

Love this! Right up my alley and really well done. If I have any notes (I'm trying to think of any), maybe there's a way to make it even bigger? Small production elements or creative ones...but I already really liked it just as it is.

Alan Cross

This is really nice. Melodic, well-constructed, and performed with skill. Good job mixing this song, too. That couldn't have been an easy track to mix, either. No notes from me on any of that. This is a radio-ready song.

Is there money in the budget for a video? Even a lyric video is better than nothing. You need to be on YouTube because that's where so many people still discover music. 

How are you spreading the word about what you do? Social media? (TikTok might be a very good option.) 

I'll be interested to hear the rest of your stuff. Please keep me posted through 

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