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CHAT AFFAIR by Stefano Cece

Marcus Brooke-Smith

Super catchy, shiny pop song. Love it.

I dont think I could do much with the full version as the lyrics and vocals wont fit with many briefs I get (I primarily work on ads in Australia) but could i get a link to the instrumental mp3 please?

Do you control 100% master and publishing?


Benjamin Groff

Hey Stefano - enjoyed the song and the video.  Kind of reminded me of a 1975 type vibe.  I liked the way the production built into the chorus.  One suggestion. In this style of song - what I call the "second melody" is so key and vital.  Not that I'd say this is in an 80s lane but it has nods to that era.  If you listen to those songs - the riffs and 2nd melodies (and 3rd massives) are MASSIVE.  There's an article I wrote up here that might hold some better answers more than a few hundred words here. Literally I think there is potentially like a million bucks of songwriting insight if applied correctly.  

Overall - really nice piece and the video is solid (nice ending) - it's really really good but perhaps maybe not all the way there for what I'm currently looking for in my channels, label, publishing etc.  

But it definitely sounds like you're on the right track.  

p.s. as a bonus feel free to drop by my site and there's a 250 page free pdf download there in the menu about how to promote your music, release plans, etc.  Might be helpful in regards to ideas in helping ou promote your music.