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simon illa

Essem!  Thanks for sending this.  I hope you are doing well.  As I always do on here, I will give my thoughts in two areas 1. Creative and 2. Technical.
1. Creative.  I think you are on to something here with the overall feel.  And there are highlights in the singing and highlights in the rap verse but I think they have some room to grow.  I see you have these pieces to a puzzle but they are not quite fit together as well as they could be.  I’d suggest working with a vocal producer/arranger to focus on whats working and rework the weaker parts.  I always love a sad song so I see the potential here!!!

2. The mix is ok.  I might assume you used a two-track beat which is cool.  The vocals sound recorded well but could be dulled down a bit to fit the vibe.  Maybe be a bit more selective as to when and where to use effects which a good vocal arranger/producer could help with as well!

As far as promotion, I would recommend getting the song at its best before moving to that part of the process.

I hope this helps.  Feel free to ask any more questions if you have any!  Take care and atay in touch!

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