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Jerry Doby

Fun song and great arrangement. Well done. I love the theme of living for the now and not waiting...fits the times.

Scott Cohen

You sound great.  You obviously have talent.  Find your lane.  Separate from the pack.  You have a bright future.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Kiera - nice work on this lyric video.  Having commissioned a lot of these myself - you did some nice work on getting it done.  I think the song, production and vocal is really really good!  Here's a thought - the song feels so fun and visual - have you thought about making a lyric video that is super imposed over real video footage of you / the artist, etc...I have a feeling that visually that might be an engaging thing and would help me connect more to who you are visually.  Actually just dug a little further on your pages and am intrigued on what you're doing! I'll be in touch! (Or reach out to me via my contact page at Benjamin Groff dot com) 

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