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My Love by White Horses

Bree Noble

Nice song. Wish we could play it on the Podcast but we only play music by female artists.

D Grant Smith

The track is a nice tune. The video is really confusing. I like looking at birds but I'm a little lost what you're trying to convey with this presentation. 

Your song has a Elvis Costello vibe to it, which is nice. I can see this getting traction on some Light AC stations and media outlets. 

SD Hox

Impressive production quality on this track. Great vocals and a sweet melody. All around a nice effort. Thanks for sharing and I'm happy to spread the word. I've included the track on The Perfect Work Playlist on Spotify.

Benjamin Groff

Hey White Horses - thanks for the submission and I enjoyed checking it out.  Definitely reminds me of some classic 70s style writing and some smooth vibes from the song, vocal and production (nice touches on the brass stuff)   Overall really enjoyed this as a piece but as I do more beat driven indie pop and pop songwriting - i'm just not sure if the song fits in any of my lanes at the moment.  As far as helping to promote it - if it's helpful I have a free download of my book (that hasn't been released yet) and has 185 pages of ideas on marketing and promoting and doing things in the modern era of making it these days as a music artist.  I could mention some things here but I don't have 100,000 words space : )  Here it is and enjoy!

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