Jamal Plummer

Jamal Plummer

Jamal Plummer

Jamal Plummer is an R&B singer/songwriter from Northern Virginia. His vocal delivery in the studio is similar to (the pop sensation) Sisqo and (the vocal bible) Brandy. His single 'Higher'  has been released on all digital platforms. 'Higher' is an uplifting message to the black community: Together anything is possible. Together we will go forward. We will go higher. Plummer sings with passion and takes us to church! This song and his voice is something you will want to hear over and over again.

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Invisible by Jamal Plummer

Chris Heintz

First off thank you for reaching out and submitting. To start out the mix on the track sounds like a very rough demo. The mix is lacking depth and dynamics overall and the vox sound way too far back in the mix when they should be in the forefront. With that said I can still hear all elements on the track and vox. There is some solid musicianship shown on the track and the arrangement is solid. The performance is solid, but nothing is really grabbing me overall. Lyrically I’ve definitely heard this story before. She left, he’s sad, but how can you write a song that portrays that in a more imaginative way? The song isn’t bad it just isn’t great. I hope my feedback helps. 

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