Recording Artist
Christine Lee is an American recording artist/commercial model whose musical style fuses techno dance with pop rock. Her tracks are melodic, danceable, and fun. 

Christine’s sonic artistry is influenced by tracks from Daft Punk, Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony, and retro 80's music.

She sees her music as an opportunity to brighten up someone’s day. Her session guitarist is Tim Pierce, who has recorded for the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna. Her mixdown and mastering recording engineers include Grammy Award winner Tom Weir and Heath Ripplinger. In 2018, Christine teamed up with Hollywood Director Spencer Evans from Spirinity Productions to produce her music videos.
Christine’s motto: “Light a candle rather than curse the dark.”

Recent Submissions

submitted media.

Benjamin Groff

Hi Christine - really nice pop song and video here - really well done!  As far as comments on the song, video and everything - it's really great!  Stylistically - this is just a little more on the pop side from what I'm looking for at the moment.  I would really recommend though as far as some advice on how to promote your song - to look into YouTube promotion using the Google Adwords network.  If you set it up right - you can get your video in front of targeted potential new fans - very highly targeted for like .02 cents or so a view - and then ideally convert those people into new fans, on YouTube, Spotify, etc.  Really great work though and will check out some of your other music.  Also I wrote a whole book about music marketing for 2020 and, if you want, you can pick it up here for free on my website as a special bonus ; ) https://www.benjamingroff.com/get-the-book  Hope it was helpful and nice work. 

Andrea Young

Very sexy and appealing, but the vocals sound a bit behind the instrumentation in our headphones, and are a bit hidden somehow, and possibly even a bit pitchy, we can’t quite tell.  So many great elements here, it’s a catchy track and video!  Love your highlighting the list of online platforms at the top of your website, very effective.  
I listened on Spotify and found Close To You that I very much resonate with, and added it to my ‘Women Who Rock’ playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1wcOznHGpmhpwQx0UU5fbY?si=nJo-J9z_Q6GZCxliAwrwMA.  Follow Aspenbeat and the playlist as possible, thank you!
“Stay on your path and don’t despair” (from your Listen To Your Dreams track) – hope you do just that.  With 10 followers on your Spotify Artist Profile, you are just this minute getting started, I encourage you to stay on it, it’s a marathon not a sprint to find fans and engage them, especially right now.
Hope that’s helpful, thanks for sharing your music with me, best of luck with getting it heard!

submitted media.

SD Hox

This is a fun, melodic dance track. Could definitely see this on the Disney channel. Keep up the good work. I've added it to my popular New Discoveries From Up and Coming Artists playlist on Spotify. Thanks for the share. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/14s2duEKAaFThD5MPteVV9?si=Xt4f7cu8TbWG8Q0Ja-EdIg

Chris Lovett

Hey guys thanks so much for sending through. This is a fun video and track, full of energy and earworms. A catchy and innocent pop track. I like that there is no fluff, straight into action and down to business. The whole thing has a very clear demographic and audience aim and it doesnt shy away from that at all. The whole thing is very manicured and as traditional as it could be, its the template for this type of young adult creative and bang on the 3.30 mark as well. It all seems so perfectly put together, which sometimes you may split audiences but its so polished and your demographic will appreciate that. Bright colours, fun, escapism, innocent, we all need a bit of that right now.
From a promo aspect I think there is a good mix of traditional and network type of avenues you can approach with this that will likely add to your plans;
Music blogs - classic path but the reach to passive listeners can be huge. People use blogs to tell them what to listen to. They respect established and fresh platforms or curators to point them in the right direction to what they should be listening to, so hit up submithub and get your sound out to whatever blogs you want that aligns with your genre. Even the niche ones as sometimes they have real hardcore new music fans. On top of that, be proactive and offer an exclusive or a feature to blogs not on the submithub roster, such as earmilk or stereofox. 
Radio - Use the tunein app and similar to blogs, submit your track to as many stations as you like. The aim here is to tick off the volume of countries being played in, who knows what opportunities that could open up. Reach out to the traditional ones plus the smaller online and community based stations, these are the real music lovers who will share your sound to likeminded communities. These are the merch buyers and gig goers, not the one time streamers. 
Align yourself with young adult TV - there are plenty of articles online about how to do this so no need to go into detail here but there are so many reality drama type shows that play snippets of tracks and that could be a real winner, again based on your demographic and their tastes, is that something that aligns?
Play live - when everything opens up again, get out and play gigs, thats where the real value is and support other established artists so you reach new ears. Who else sounds like you but is a bit further long the journey that you are? Find them and offer to open up for them. This is a great way to showcase your talent, as again, the real music fans turn up early to see the support and its not uncommon for people to then engage with the support act following seeing the headliner. 
Collaborate - check out the latest signings at paradign booking agency and see who would be of interest to collaborate with. Again, established fans see a new name working with their artists and they want to check out who they are - new ears and potential new followers organically.
Do not, whatever you do, pay for likes, plays or follows, fans see through that and puts them off. They want to connect with your art first and then you as a person. Offer that to them and brighten their day authentically. Cool song, good luck with the journey, enjoy it! Chris