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I'm A Freak by Radiofred

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Boom Bitch by Radiofred

Benjamin Groff

Hi Radiofred,

Love the artist name.  And the song title really pops off the page.  Very fun.  Sonically it reminds me of one of my favorite bands from Boston that should have made it called Chucklehead.  Personally, I really like these types of musical, quirky songs.  Overall thought I'm not sure if the song / the project fits in within my other properties i.e. label, music blog etc.  

Definitely enjoyed the musicality and freshness of the song.  One note - Around 1:10 it sounds like there are 2 songs going on at the same time or something that isn't quite fitting?

As far as promoting the the song - i think if you can make a video the reflects the freshness of the song and production - and start promoting it using promoted youtube videos - that might be the best bang for your buck.

BTW i have plenty more articles on marketing and songwriting at my music blog.  For marketing this one might be helpful - 50 post release marketing ideas.

Hope it's helpful.  


Liane Chan

Kind of a fun and upbeat track with slightly dark lyrics, I guess it’s like delivering a subpoena with a free pizza. I’m not sure the overall message is a positive one, but at least it sounds like a sunny pool party. It does end a little too abruptly, not sure if there’s a better way to end it. I think this track succeeds at being fun and dark at the same time.

Scott Cohen

Super cool.  You need to jump into Tik Tok head first.  That is your home.  Post bits every day.  You have the ability to create a meme.  That is how people discover tracks today.

SD Hox

I like the party feel of this track. It has a good flow and is well produced. Thanks for the share.

Alex Stillhead

Very De La Soul sounding (including their sampled track for your keyboard intro inspiration I guess!) and yes, definitely on the money with the pop/avalanches vibe.

If i'm honest its not the sort of thing I normally listen to, mostly since it's fairly up-beat and happy vibe-wise and I tend to shy away from the more pop-sounding stuff but this isn't too bad at all.

Lyrically I can't comment, since I tend to concentrate on production/sounds - but from the instrumental it sounds like lots of work has gone in.

If I had to pick something I'd say your track is sounding a bit thin. I feel like there could be way more layers involved here - lots of subtlety which will round out the sound and make it feel a bit richer - this is what acts like The Avalanches seem to have, which you're lacking a little. Near the 2:45 mark you started layering echoes and stuff and it brought much more to the track - you could do this all the way through then build it even further for this part and you might find it has a more professional sounding feel. That said, the simplicity can be an artistic choice - the punk aesthetic, and home-made values might be something you're looking to put in there.

Either way - not particularly difficult to listen to, nor offensive to my ears, and it's catchy enough that I can sort of still hear it when it's done.