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More In Common by Tod Lippy

Scott Cohen

I am a sucker for this type of music.  Love it.  Harder than ever to find a new audience but there are millions of indie rock fans out there that will love it.

Benjamin Groff

HI Tod - thanks for the submission.  Enjoyed hearing this as a "journey" type song - which no one really does these days.  From a genre perspective, I'm not sure this one is for me - gave it a solid consideration though for sure.  It sounds like you're doing all the right things though in promoting it.  Have you tried Submithub?  That might be a place where you might be able to get some other blog pick up.  I would also see if you can try to find some UGC playlists on Spotify and research those - you might be able to get some traction there.  Really nice piece, but just a bit outside of the genre i'm working in.  Good luck with the project!

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