Grace Lamerson

Grace Lamerson

Grace Lamerson

(Stage name: Bambii)
Bambii is a new artist with a unique blend of retro-influenced chill-wave indie pop. A singer-songwriter from Gainesville, Florida, Bambii released her debut EP, Dreamache, in 2019, produced by her longtime friend and musical soulmate, Zachary Rodriquez. This EP was quickly followed by the single Sunsets.

Bambii taught herself ukulele, segueing into writing songs and quickly progressing to guitar. She grew up listening to a varied mix of music, including Simon and Garfunkel, The Beastie Boys, Lana Del Ray, Smashing Pumpkins, Glenn Campbell, Glenn Miller and My Chemical Romance ­– this wide range of musical interests has resulted in an eclectic sound that’s hard to define.

Bambii was featured in David Dean Burkhart’s YouTube mix and garnered over 24,000 views, and was included in his Spotify playlist. She was also a contestant in the PBS Show, A Celebration of Music, in which she sang a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins song “By Starlight.”

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red corvette by bambii

Hugh McIntyre

Love this. Fully formed, a complete idea, ready for a larger audience, and you even though to work with a hip-hop musician to make this more marketable. Great job.

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