Cedric Mayer

Cedric Mayer

Cedric Mayer

Composer, producer and electronic music artist.
Los Angeles

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New World Order by Maero

Matthew Kratz

Overall, great job! I can hear you've put a lot of time into this track.
I would say this track is a progressive breaks tract at its heart with cinematic instrumentation and arrangement. I like the track but I think it could be edited to give the track more momentum. At 3:30, 3:56, 4:40, and 5:21 the track loses momentum as it goes into the next section. Find a way to keep the energy going when you switch sections. 
Production wise I think the drum sounds need more layer so as not to sound flat. I like a lot of the synth sounds but make sure to give the track space so there isn't too much going on at one time.
As for promoting it, I would suggest posting it to Soundcloud and see what kind of response you get. Maybe send it to some blogs who are into progressive breaks. 
And start working on the next one!

Benjamin Groff

Really love this Maero. I'll listen to whatever else you have on your Soundcloud.  Best thing i think you can do is look up EDM District and submit to their hundred or so curated YouTube Channels i.e. Trap Nation, etc.  That's ground zero to see if you have fire and then take it from there.  I'd also release on the DSPs too at the same time so if your song does take off that it can translate hopefully on the DSPs.   I appreciated the twists and turns and attention to detail and unexpected places you took the track and production.  That's what it's about and going the extra mile.  Great work 

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