Sukh Krishan

Sukh Krishan

Sukh Krishan

Indie Rock from the Doc.
Sukh is a Wolverhampton born, Manchester based singer-songwriter and doctor. 

 His roots in music started with his love of film scores, and as a teenager he was thrown in at the deep end when he was commissioned to compose an action movie soundtrack. With that completed, he got the song writing bug and during his time at medical school formed several bands and started feverishly working on his solo material, exploring wildly different musical directions, inspired by cinema. 


Sukh's first record "Kings" was met with critical acclaim when it was released in 2013. Rewind/Fast Forward claimed it was "Beautifully arranged with a charming warmth" and Clash Magazine wrote "It seems that the Manchester artist is confident enough to write songs – great big, hulking things which groan under the weight of the emotion contained therein."


On the live circuit Sukh has supported the likes of Basia Bulat, Nizlopi, Beth Rowley, Stu Larsen and Natsuki Kurai. He completed several UK tours in 2019 promoting his latest release. He has also performed at Kendal Calling several years running, and garnered support from BBC Radio 2 and BBC Introducing. 


Gruelling studies and an intense life on the hospital wards as a NHS junior doctor for several years sparked Sukh to write his second record “Galactic Love Machine” which was released in October 2018. He teamed up with co-producer Fred Kindt from Manchester’s own atmospheric indie darlings 'The Slow Show' to create a feel-good album about coming together. The songs touched on the nature of dreams and ambitions, the transience of time, striving through adversity and revolutionising personal attitudes. HuffPost described his lead single “Flight” as having a  “relentlessly charming feel” and and MusicCreatesUs wrote "Remember the last time a song was so beautifully composed that you sat there and could not imagine someone’s brain being able to work in all of those capacities?" The album was well received with LouderThanWar saying “the unassumingly humble air that pervades his work is thoroughly reinforced on Galactic Love Machine; an album of smooth and classy style".
In 2020 inspired by the current COVID-19 crisis and his day to day job as a doctor he returns with a new collection of songs soon to be announced.
Manchester, England

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Nightingale by Sukh

Charlie Ashcroft

This is excellent! A poignant encapsulation of the situation NHS staff have found themselves in over the past few months. Musically it has a timeless feel to it. Excellent songwriting. I’d target presenters like John Kennedy at Radio X and Chris Hawkins at 6Music. It’d also be worth signing up with an agency like Music Gateway or Sentric for the sake of wider distribution and possible sync opportunities.

Jerry Doby

Awesome arrangement and heartwrenching story of sacrifice. Great album cut!

Indie Band Guru

Beautiful arrangement and production. The emotion comes through the speakers over the dark yet uplifting melody.

Chris Lovett

Hey Sukh, thanks so much for sharing this piece. Before I start, thank you for all the work you and your colleagues do, the people know the real value even if the leadership dont. In time, it will change. In regards to this piece, I thought it was well put together and the build throughout will take the listener on a journey. The vocals, poignant of course intertwine well with the musicianship of the track, personally I would have liked more harmonies in the powerful sections with the strings to really emphasise the messages you are portraying. But overall, the actual words you use create a sense of safety and a view into real life that sometimes, we are a little bit blind to, or choose to ignore because its too scary. Massive congratulations for bringing this together and shining a light.
In regards to promo of it, first thing I would do is let you know of two other artists who I know that work in your field Rony Berrebi and Tropico Don, both super talented but they would be great people to reach out to as they have done the same as you, Rony especially as been writing material for years and was recently on ITV campaigning for more mental health funding for NHS staff through his songs. 
There is also a lot you can do yourself that will catapult this track and make people aware of it. The music blog and internet radio avenue are great paths to push this out and allow platforms to house it. Head to submithub and select a few blogs on there that align with your genre, you can choose how many. Then do the same with radio, head to the tunein app and select some stations that fit your sound. Imagine this track being played in different countries, thats whats possible here so make use of online submission processes into community and online radio stations. At this stage we need people to hear it and they can choose if they engage further with you as an artist but they first need to know the music is there which is why you need to utilise these platforms. It may be a little admin heavy but it gets you on the path to creating momentum. Whilst doing the radio offerings, i think there could be scope to be proactive and offer to do a quick interview to accompany the song. 
I think the collab option is also a great organic promo avenue and if you did want to reach out to Rony his followers will also catch onto you. 
Of course we all know social media can be a great way to push your track but see if you can get yourself a profile on some of the smaller, more niche platforms such as bandwagon, lastfm etc as you'll find some real music snobs on there who feast on finding unsigned artists and then telling their friends about them. Theres that desire to know about an artist first so a smaller but deeper community reside in those areas. Opening up your view on this as well, I wonder what other health staff across the globe are creating music, I wouldnt be surprised if someone out there was compiling an album or a playlist of all the singing doctors during this pandemic. If you cant find one, maybe you could bring it all together!?
Anyway i'm conscious that you'll be super busy being a hero so i'll leave it there for now but hope that helps and gives you a start into moving this track forward and getting it heard. All the best with it and thanks again for all you do. Chris