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Shoemaker Levee
In July 1994, a comet roughly 1.5 to 2 kilometres wide dubbed Shoemaker Levy-9 burst into fragments and smashed into the planet Jupiter. The force of the impact would have completely annihilated Planet Earth. Intrigued by the significance of the event, and given that it was the first celestial collision of its kind to be recorded by humans, a slight variation of the name was used for a musical project that songwriter Kevin Rogers Cobus was starting up at the time. Shoemaker Levee was born and continues 25 years later as an original alternative/indie band with a unique style of anthemic, introspective rock that draws musical inspiration from sources vast and diverse; classical, progressive, alternative, folk, and others.

Shoemaker Levee have played numerous downtown Toronto venues such as the El Mocambo, The Reverb, Opera House, The Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace and the Rivoli, which hosted the sold-out release party for their first full studio release “Whynd” in 2001. More recently they have performed at York Pridefest in Newmarket, ON, and the Annual Terry Fox Run in Toronto, ON. They have won the Steam Whistle Indie Music Series, and worked with notable producers such as Brian Moncarz (Circa Survive) and Sean Abbott (Piledriver) on various follow-up studio projects.
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Passenger by Shoemaker Levee

Indie Band Guru

A wide diversity of genres collide for a complete sonic explosion. Very interesting. 
If I had to nitpick it took a little time into the song to see where it was really going. 
We will be sharing the track.

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The Tap by Shoemaker Levee

Andrea Young

Tightly woven sound and great musicianship!  This doesn't quite resonate with our personal taste or style, we do not have a place for it on our playlists, but we do appreciate your musical expression.  Looked on Spot and IG and you all have a path in front of you to get this music heard further with the fans and audience who want to hear it, hope you keep on with it.  One idea to that end might be to form more community with other like-sounding musicians, supporting their efforts as well, and, joining web based groups who revolve around the spirit and sound of what you're creating.  Also to mention, it would be great to see the lyrics to possibly further resonate.  Wish I could be more helpful, but thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!    

Alan Cross

I actually have the entire CD on my desk, courtesy of Dwayne. He may have told you that this was my favourite song on the album. 

I'm hoping to do something with it on The Edge either later this month or early in July. Stand by.

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