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White Leather Couch by Jo Garcia Reger

Chris Heintz

First and foremost thank you for reaching out and submitting. Starting out the mix sounds like a very rough one. The piano is pretty clear and clean, but the bass is very muddy and needs to be mixed better. Right now it’s fighting with the kick drum and low end of the piano for space within the mixes frequencies. The vox also sound very far back in the mix. I think your recording set up needs an upgrade so that you can get the best out of your vox from all angles. I do think you have a beautiful voice you just need the right equipment to capture It properly. The right producer could also get your vox to the next level from a recording/production standpoint. The song itself has some nice moments melodically, but I feel like it's kind of all over the place right now from an arrangement stance. With a pro recording set up and the right producer I think you could have some great material. I hope my feedback helps!

Scott Cohen

This is a beautiful song.  The challenge (which ultimately becomes the opportunity) is going to figure out where you fit in today's music biz landscape.

Jo Garcia-Reger submitted media.

Until It Was Done by Jo Garcia-Reger

Victoria Parkey

Really liked the harmonies, more would be great! Your tone is really nice. I know it's a demo it feels quite messy and could do with being rerecorded so that lyrics are easier to hear and follow, and so the guitar sounds more pronounced and clear. Goes a bit off piste at 2.14? 

Indie Band Guru

Nice simplistic song. Vocals are good. The big anthemic sound is great but it takes a little while to get to. The guitar cuts in and out a little creating a jarring effect that I do not really like personally. But it does have a nice raw acoustic effect. 

Mike Mineo

The track's vocal presence does well in showing emotion and range from the get-go, with easy emphasis thanks to the minimalist, contemplative guitars. Nice expansion at 00:38 into a more melodic, flowing guitar accompaniment as the vocals assume a fluttering quality, before the "cry for something," punctuation approaching the one-minute mark. The eclectic vocal approach and commendable melodic variety reminds me fondly of the artist Mitski. I'm quite enjoying the talent on display here, adorned with a gratifying lo-fi feel that suggests ample potential. Thanks for sending this! I just added to my best-of Soundcloud playlist -

Also, since you marked needing help with promotion, feel free to email me at if interested in my PR servicing's details. Thanks for sending this track! -Mike

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