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Oliver Stay

Oliver Stay

Oliver Stay
Inspired by the heart-wrenching lyricism found in alternative rock, and the catchy vibes from indie-pop; Oliver Stay is an enigma. Born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Oliver has grown up using music as a communication device. His lyrics are written as letters or poems, meant to be able to stand on their own as concise pieces of writing. His genre-bending style will keep you guessing with each passing track but will also keep you hungry for more.
Cleveland, Ohio

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Bones by Oliver Stay


I love the song and the music video.  The song is very catchy and the video is beautifully shot.  It is great.  I would love to play this song on my station. 

Indie Band Guru

Loving the retro feel of this. Could hit what is going on in music right now. Look for outlets that are highlighting the newest song by The Weeknd.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Oliver - thanks for the submission.  I like the lane your working in, indie pop, with some synth pop vibes.  One comment is that I think somehow your chorus can be bigger.  Maybe some vocal production, layering, bg vocals etc.  Also there's a way you can make your chorus really pop - and your other sections pop too by using different melodic ranges for each section.  This also works by using different melodic rhythms too.   As far as promoting the submission - not sure if it's right for We Are: The Guard - but thought i would also mention i have a whole digital course on how to promote music on line - 70 video modules and 10 + hours of stuff and how to get your music heard.  Feel free to check it out here benjamingroff.teachable.com  There are also some free modules worth exploring.  Good luck with the release!

Alan Cross

I like it. A little MGMT, a little Twenty One Pilots, too. Good video, too.

Tell you what: If you send a high-quality MP3 to alan@alancross.ca I'll see about getting you a radio feature on 102.1 the Edge/Toronto. Meanwhile, I'll share this on my social networks. That'll be good for about 100,000 people.