Reine Johansson

Reine Johansson

Reine Johansson

Artist Vargen (translates as 'The Wolf') Singer-songwriter
Vargen is the stage and recording name of Swedish singer-songwriter Reine Johansson. Genres: Americana, country, rock, blues.
Debuted 2017 and has since then released two albums and an EP in Swedish. International debut in English with 'Love/Leave - 11 Songs of Bob Dylan', released on vinyl/CD worldwide on May 29 2019.

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Michael Hunter

Nicely done altogether!  Possibly a brave choice to cover a song that has been done in so many ways by so many people before, and yet somehow it manages to come across as fresh in its own way.  Maybe the sharing of lead vocals helps in that regard.  It's obvious a lot of thought has gone into both the arrangement of the song and the production of the video.  I like the walk-on at the start and the walk-off at the end.

I have a YouTube channel myself and I can see the average length of time people watch a video for, and it's often only a quarter or so of its actual length.  I'd like to think this one has enough interesting / tasteful / appropriate things going on to keep a viewer's interest to the end.

Musically - I'll admit this is my first taste of Vargen and it's definitely made a positive impression.  I haven't even looked you up online to get details just yet, so this little review can be fresh ideas taken on face value.  Playing overall is excellent of course, the arrangement fits the song well, vocals are great and complimentary to each other.  It does have the desired effect of making me want to check out more.

So I'm meant to be giving honest feedback (as above) and helpful advice. I'm not sure what to advise, especially considering the times we're in and the limited chances to perform at the moment, but I hope you're able to continue and progress because you have a good thing going with this band!  

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