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Wreck Me by Noah Vonne

Benjamin Groff

Hey Noah - thanks for the submission.  Great voice!  No doubt you're a great singer.  One thing from my end on the other side of the table - is that ballads are great.  To try to "break" on a ballad - even showcasing your voice - I find can be super hard.  Ballads are a great show case for your vocals but for that song to really carry - it really has to breakthrough as an A+ i.e. Fallin by Alicia Keys a good example.  Music supervisors in my experience are also looking for more tempo songs - depending the genre.  Production and vocals are great.  I think the song is really strong FOR SURE but I'm usually looking for something with more tempo.  Also, if interesting, I just released 2 online courses that might be worth checking out.  One is "Insider Secrets to Hit Songwriting" and the other is the "Digital Music Release Bluprint" that tells you exactly what to do when (70 video modules) for your next DIY releases. Feel free to check out!  https://benjamingroff.teachable.com/courses 

Hugh McIntyre

Very cool track! I think you did a great job. Only suggestion is maybe find a way to make it sound even more professional? Maybe that's the recording equipment, or possibly mastering or mixing?

Mike Mineo

A suave, yearning success fit for smoky rooms, "Wreck Me" develops from slow-burning, entrancing contemplation into rousing emotion. "Wreck me slowly," section at one-minute mark glides on suave keys/organs for a gripping feel, culminating in a twangy guitar effect at 01:21 that adds nicely to the soundscape. The "you don't hold me like you used to," cue at 02:10 is accompanied by a guitar/organ mixture that provides a fully enveloping feel, capped nicely by the vocals assuming a bluesy howl-like demeanor that aptly matches that instrumentation's escalation. "Wreck Me" is a track that consumes me from start to finish -- nice work! I look forward to sharing this. Since you noted that you're seeking help with promotion, feel free to email me at mike@obscuresound.com with any questions or if interested in my PR servicing's rates and success stories. This is consuming material; thanks for submitting! -Mike

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