Keith Mosfet

Keith Mosfet

Keith Mosfet

Canadian/Irish Keith Mosfet is the definition of an “artist”. Using inspiration from impressionist oil paintings and combining his background in electronic engineering, Keith took on the challenge of writing, recording and mixing the whole of his 2019 EP “Superficial Hypocrite”.

“I’d have my vision, listen to the song and make changes in my head, record in layers, listen, then record and mix new ideas on top. Layering like in oil painting.”

On his newest 2020 single “Breathe”, Keith continues to showcase his songwriting, creative and engineering skills, and shares his softer side. The single eludes to contemplating whether to be in a relationship or not and taking time to breathe, relax and see if feelings are genuine.

Clearly heard in Keith’s new single are his indie-rock influences like Beck, MGMT, Jack White and Cage the Elephant but with his own unique, psychedelic twist, using vocal effects and layering synthesizers to showcase his unique artistry.
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indie rock, psychedelic rock, post punk, post-rock

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Breathe by Keith Mosfet

Scott Cohen

Great track.  Keeping indie rock alive.  

Chris Lovett

Hey Keith, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this track, it had a sense of bulletproof youth to it, no fear and anything is possible and thats a really good skill to implement into a piece like this. Whether that was the intention I dont know but it wouldnt sound out of place on a coming of age film. Its a brave thing to present something under the 2.30 mark but I think you can get away with it here. Personally I would have liked the track to be longer, maybe add more substance to the verses and they do hit straight into a build into the chorus plus I think you have room for a bridge, we are on the beginnings of the end before the 2 min mark so it smacks you in the face quickly and runs off, which works for some but maybe not others. This art is neither right or wrong, it just is but one thing to consider moving forwards. 
In regards to promo of it, I can see that this track has already started to pick up some pace on spotify which is great. The key is to always keep momentum and generate the small wins. When artists attract new listeners that are instantly drawn to them by a few different things, proximity, quality of the track or because someone told them to listen, whether that was word of mouth or blog, radio etc. Once they are in, they want confirmation that they spent their time well finding out more about you, when you post updates and progression then that gives them the reassurance that you are still worthwhile to listen to and get their attention. Getting featured on a music blog is easier than you think and just requires a bit of admin and time. Go to submithub and you can submit your track on there to a number of blogs at once and also instagram influencers if thats the way you want to go down (personally not for me and I would see if it aligns with your values as a musician). Send to whoever you like and see what you get back. At the same time, research other music blogs that are not on there, my favs are earmilk, goldflakepaint, stereofox, pigeons and planes but there are loads and they all want to hear new cool music like this. 
While you've got that bubbling away and waiting on responses, you can do the same with online and traditional radio. The tunein app is great for getting an understanding of the volume of stations out there that play all sorts of music, again they would have their own submission processes which are very similar to the blogs you just have to find a batch of stations from across the world that you'd like to send your track to. Maybe set a goal of researching 20 stations and submitting to them, maybe more, up to you but what a success it would be to have your song played in different countries. These small 'wins' will start to come through staggered and then you can share each one individually giving your fanbase confirmation you are making moves whilst also collecting genuine collaborators and contributors. Follow each blog or station that plays you plus the people behind them, the DJs, the writers etc. This build your network which we'll come on to now.

Collaboration is a great avenue to open up opportunities, either by writing, featuring, producing or just being around other artists generates ideas and creativity. Working with the right ones at the right time can open up your fan base to new ears and they can then decide to stay with you or not. Who are you listening to right now, what other artists around your level or just above are you inspired or influenced by? The artists who generally have just landed a booking agent are often the ones who have a plan set out for them. Follow them. Connect with them. Paradigm is a great platform to see who they have signed recently, connect with any of those artists who you like and see whether there is anything you can do together. Collect a batch of companies through research that you can regularly see where they are focused, what is trending etc. The booking agent will generally have a tried and trusted plan of getting that artist to play at certain venues or appear on certain publications, events etc. Why not offer to support them at those events (when we are allowed out again). People connected with that artist will see your name linked to them and it will stick. So gathering this information will help you be a bit more tactical around your next moves.
I would also recommend getting on some more music platforms, people consume music in all sorts of different ways and the more platforms you are on, the more ears you will reach. Consider bandcamp, lastfm, googleplay, xbox live, cdbaby and others where your profile can be the same as what is on your soundcloud or spotify but be available to all. 
Anyway that should be enough to get you going and you'll start to turn on some more lights once that momentum build, but one thing to remember, dont let all the admin get in the way of your creativity. We need you to make tunes so keep that first and front.
Hope that was useful to you, all the best with it! C

Alan Cross

Nice. Very Beatles-ly 60s vibe. It's certainly the kind of thing that specific types of online radio might be interested in right now (Think XMU on SiriusXM) as well as campus radio.

So what's the plan?

If it's terrestrial radio, you'll need a story to sell before you even approach and independent plugger. That means more songs, social media stats, and a track record of playing live. Radio gets hundreds of unsolicited songs every week, so only the ones who have the best story (and make the most promotional noise) get heard. 

The best thing you can keep doing is to keep writing and recording. Only GREAT songs have a chance these days. The next best thing is to nurture the growth of your fanbase through social media. (Labels look at that sort of thing.) Determine who your audience is and use the appropriate platform. Facebook skews older. Snapchat and TikTok screw young and Twitter and Instagram are somewhere in the middle. YouTube is a must.

Meanwhile, make friends with as many bloggers as you can. Every one of them wants to be able to say they discovered The Next Cool Thing. 

Good luck!

Bob Lugowe

Cool animated video and catchy song that fits well with the aesthetic. Has a strong indie vibe but with some elements of folk, garage rock and classic rock. Good unique sound. 

For starters, I would definitely include a short bio, description of the track and lyrics along with the links to your socials / places to hear more music. This is your elevator pitch in front of the right people so you want to provide as much info as possible in a clear and concise manner and make it easy for anyone to hear more if they'd like. Also, be sure to use all of the available and FREE artist tools across the DSPs like Spotify for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Amazon Music for Artists and Bandcamp's artist platform as these will provide great insight into your fanbase, how your music is performing and allow you to optimize your profiles and pitch for inclusion on playlists in certain instances. If you're looking for more promotion and building a fanbase you should consider hiring a publicist or a marketing firm to help with the release of your next single and/or album. 

Once the pandemic ends too, make sure you play live as much as possible as this music sounds like it would do great in a live setting or at least for now perhaps you can participate in online streams and live concerts. Best of luck!