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Good Times by Fake ID - Topic

Bree Noble

We'd be happy to play this song on our podcast. Please PM your email address and we will reach out to get your mp3. Thanks

Indie Band Guru

Really solid song. The buildup creates some nice suspense. Definitely an interesting sound. In my opinion, the track may get a little repetitive toward the middle. The break and guitar solo helped. Lots of potential here.

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Scott Cohen

I love it.  I love kids that still play some rock music and you do it great!!!  How can I help?

Alan Cross

I like it. The track reminds me of some of the stuff alt-rock radio used to play in the late 90s. And God knows we can use a lot more guitar music these days. 

You guys are in high school? That's a great story! How can you play that up for more attention? That's definitely something worth brainstorming.

A couple of questions:

1. How often to you play live? I'm guessing that you do a lot of all-ages shows. Play as many shows as you can because the under-agers will love the attention you give them. Turn them into evangelists for what you do. Collect data on them. Drive them to your social media sites (Instagram is SO important) and then reply to every single comment.

2. Playing live is SO important for another reason. There's nothing like having an audience of strangers telling you the truth about your music in real time. The more you play, the better you'll get, and the more ideas you'll get for new songs. 

3. Good move having a video, too. For many people, if you don't exist on YouTube, you don't exist, period.

4. What are your longterm goals? Touring and recording are probably two. Word out some plans for the year or two and try to stick to them.

5. It's a bit too early to approach radio for regular airplay, but you should definitely think about making friends with local stations (don't forget campus stations) to see if they can get you some feature play. Do the same with as many bloggers as you can. They're always looking to say that they discovered the next big thing.

6. As some point (if you don't already) you'll need a manager and an agent to get you gigs. After you attract a following, organize a showcase for potential managers and agents. Show them what you've got.

Good luck with everything. I'll share the song on my networks, which should be good for about 100,000 people.

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