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Over the years neither L.J. Witter nor Steve Gerick realized that the other had musical ‘chops’ since they rarely discussed it. It wasn’t until Steve mentioned he played ‘some guitar’ and L.J. said “Hey, I sing a little” that a seed was planted that has grown into a fervent collaboration that has lasted more than a decade.  

In 2008, Steve and L.J. decided to create music together and produced their first studio album. The fact that both Gerick and Witter were well past middle-age, deciding on a name for the band was more of a problem than actually creating music. They settled on The OGeeZ, which in modern parlance could mean Original Gangsters, Old Geezers, etc. Since we deemed ourselves more of the latter than the former - The OGeeZ it was!  

Their music can only be described as “genre-bending” as their musical tastes explore the boundaries of everything from Blues, Latin and R&B to Pop, Jazz, and even Rap. As a result of their diverse musical predilections, their fanbase stretches the globe.  

The fact that these two are still creating great music at their age is notable, especially L.J. Witter who is eighty years young! For all who are way past middle-age and love to sing and play music, we hope our music will inspire you to reexamine the boundaries of your artistic talents.
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jazz, soul, r&b, blues

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Cray Love by TheOGeeZ

Aurora Berill

Steeped in the 80's rock and blues scene, The OGeez uses both genres to convey the emotional message through smooth-jazz warm-ups. The song starts with calm piano notes which remind me of the ballad by Bryan Adams - Everything I Do, I Do It For You. As the song progress there are evident elements coming from a powerful ballad by Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is. 

Though the slower tempo, a pleasant to listen “Crazy Love” incorporates horns, guitar and keyboards. Lyrics speak about a lost love story and a painful emotional process a person goes through. The emotional coping process can completely be overwhelming. Although it's painful and hard to deal with, the author of the song also questions if it was worth it all, and focuses on letting go of the memories collected over time spent together and building a new life from scratch. 

By following The OGeez blueprint of blending smooth music with romantic lyrics, the band delivered the perfect blend of acoustic melody, good vocal and heartbreaking lyrics. I would like to hear more from this artist in the future!

Thanks for sharing your music with me!

Lauren Gribble

Hi Steve, 

First, its great that you both are getting out there particularly in your later years. Good for you! The first thing that comes to mind is what is the audience that you are trying to reach? Of course, the widest audience is younger people, and the song definitely sounds like something an older person would listen to. I think something else to keep in mind too,  is what characteristics in a song pulls the general public in and makes a song a hit? No matter what genre you are writing in, if a song doesn't connect with people, its going to fall flat. This goes for both small and huge bands. These are the two biggest things about your music that I think you need to focus on. Other than that, you are on your way!