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Flies In My Eyes LIMITED REF NOT FOR MASTERING 08 by The Great Emu War Casualties

Chris Lovett

Hey Saskia and guys, thanks so much for sending through. And also thanks for the open and honest questions, it really helps me point you in the right direction! I actually really enjoyed this track. I love the band name as well. Not getting responses from music industry people is common, is actually really annoying and I found it all very clicky and basically rude so I made sure I would never be like that and try and support who I could rather than just ignore them. So, what is your plan - first things first, what do you want to achieve? What does success look like for you? Are you all on the same page? Do you want the fame and fortune of being a big star or the enjoyment of creating and making music? Once you have an idea of your expectations, you are good to go. When you're at this stage, we think throwing money at stuff will make the track get more listeners but its the organic work you do up front that build the platform and gains momentum. It requires a bit of admin (of which I know creatives are not great at!) and some time doing stuff by yourselves but it will pay off. and its free. So here goes;
Blogs - Most music fans are too busy to search for new music themselves so they need something to tell them what is good, what is cool, what to listen to and why. Respected music blogs tend to have more fans than the artists themselves because they deliver. Get on as many as you can, that align with your sound. Research the platform submithub and you can send your track to as many blogs as you like, some will feature it, some wont. I think you can pay a little bit of you want extra stuff but thats up to you. Again, requires a bit of admin but the more of this admin you do now, hopefully the less of it you'll have to do later. To supplement submithub, also find a load more blogs liek earmilk and sterefox and send your track to them. Offer interviews, exclusives, whatever you want to enhance the offering. But first, your product should be the best it can be, so get this mixed, it sounds great already but it needs to sound clean and professional. You are asking for a listeners most vital currency, their time, so give them a good product that adds value to their lives. 
Radio - Same process really, target niche online and community stations via tunein app or other radio apps and send as many stations your track as you like. The world is waiting. Find stations that align to your sound and research the submission process, likely a file send or a link, either way collect a few and lock out some time to send it over. Getting airplay on a small station in Denmark and then being played in Costa Rica, fancy! Hardcore music fans will spend time with these stations looking for niche artists or unheard of tunes so here you may pick up some listeners. Why not right, its free. When you do get played, share it on your socials and there is a reason for this - your fanbase have invested in you already - they now need reassurance that their investment (a follow, a like, a listen) has been well spent by seeing progress or activity. They want to know their choice has been validated by seeing you doing stuff. So tell them and be grateful.
TV Spots - again, it all depends what you want to achieve here but there are plenty of articles online that tell you about getting your track played in a reality show or in an advert. I wont go into detail here but I was watching selling sunset on netflix (dont judge me, my girlfriend had it on) and the tracks they played whilst setting up scenes were pretty good and made me take notice. Again some may not even notice but we are building up momentum here, do things. 
Live - play live as much as you can. Set a target catchment area and see who is playing at venues in that area. If theres a decent name, offer to support. When everything opens up again, who are the artists that sound like you but are further along the journey? Who do they work with, who manages them? Reach out and offer to open up for them, even for free or cheap. The hardcore fans tend to turn up early to catch the support, so its not uncommon for bands to collect new listeners who 5 mins ago never knew you existed. 
Collaborate - This is a win win. Working with others is always a positive because there is no losing here, you either get to work with other creatives to build something that impacts peoples lives, you learn new stuff, make new connections and then possibly gain more listeners from it. People will be interested to know who you are if you feature on their fav artists track. They will want to know why you got to work with them and subsequently want to verify you as worth their time. Exploration then follows and potentially new fans. Exciting!
You can do even more admin if you like by researching influential spotify playlist curators and sending them your track to be included, thats another great way to get exposure.
And finally, follow other artists like you and check their journey, what do they do? Press To Meco are a great band to see their progress and keeping an eye on who Paradigm booking agents sign up and seeing their path. Anyway i'll stop there and let you get on with those things - hope that helps and bets of luck! C

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Dead Ibis Burger by The Great Emu War Casualties

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The Australian Parma Crisis by The Great Emu War Casualties

Luke Ebbin

Song is cool but production is really hectic. Too much going on. Too many guitar parts and the drum figures need to be simplified as this all distracts from the vocal.. Perhaps try stripping down the verses so the chorus pops more. Sounds like everyone in the band is a good musician so no need to prove it.

Benjamin Groff

Hi there -first, I love the name of the band.  The video is also nicely done  (like really good) on the DIY front I think.  Overall, for me it might just be a little too on the indie-ish front for me than what I'm looking for.  Have you considered doing a YouTube promoted video on this and target specific people and audiences?  I often find that's some of the best bang for your buck.  But nice work - for sure - just don't know if it's all the way there for what I specifically do.  Oh one thought you might want to go in to YT and change your thumbnail choice for the video.  I thought based on the thumbnail that it was a horror video (the red shampoo) in the shower - and that the music was going to be a scream core or other type of horror based music so that might be just a piece of advice to look into and also if you get past a few thousand subscribers or overall channel views they let you choose your thumbnail. 

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