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Flies In My Eyes LIMITED REF NOT FOR MASTERING 08 by The Great Emu War Casualties

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Dead Ibis Burger by The Great Emu War Casualties

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The Australian Parma Crisis by The Great Emu War Casualties

Luke Ebbin

Song is cool but production is really hectic. Too much going on. Too many guitar parts and the drum figures need to be simplified as this all distracts from the vocal.. Perhaps try stripping down the verses so the chorus pops more. Sounds like everyone in the band is a good musician so no need to prove it.

Benjamin Groff

Hi there -first, I love the name of the band.  The video is also nicely done  (like really good) on the DIY front I think.  Overall, for me it might just be a little too on the indie-ish front for me than what I'm looking for.  Have you considered doing a YouTube promoted video on this and target specific people and audiences?  I often find that's some of the best bang for your buck.  But nice work - for sure - just don't know if it's all the way there for what I specifically do.  Oh one thought you might want to go in to YT and change your thumbnail choice for the video.  I thought based on the thumbnail that it was a horror video (the red shampoo) in the shower - and that the music was going to be a scream core or other type of horror based music so that might be just a piece of advice to look into and also if you get past a few thousand subscribers or overall channel views they let you choose your thumbnail. 

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