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Scott Cohen

Great song, lyrics and performance.  I think this is perfect during the Covid 19 lockdown.  Get the right hashtags and start spreading clips on socials.  But that alone won't do it.  That is only one element.  Perhaps make another video with clips from the news that support the lyrics (don't spend money.  just spend time editing).

Alan Cross


Lovely stuff. I'm on a bit of a Randy Newman kick right now, so guys at the piano are kinda my thing at the moment.

In answer to your questions;

1. Are you hoping to establish yourself as an artist in your own right or are you hoping to be a songwriter for hire? If it's the latter, I'd approach some managers or publishers to see if there's a market for your skills.

But if it's the former, there's a chance songs like this could find life on AC radio. However, given the state of music today, you'd need a more complex arrangement, filled out by more instrumental parts. 

2. I'd certainly make some friends with some music supervisors. This is the kind of material that begs for placement in certain types of TV programs. 

I'll share things on my social networks. That's good for at least 100,000 people.

Bob Lugowe

Lots of talent on display here. A beautiful song and great performance. I would suggest including the lyrics with your fluence submission and making sure your hyperlinks below work as only a couple do. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to hear more music or check you out if they're interested as most people are only spending a few minutes if that looking at your submission (this is the case with any elevator pitch). I think the sound quality of the video is excellent as is the performance but the video quality could be a bit better. The edits are a bit awkard at times and there are moments where the camera is a bit shaky. This is just nit-picking but from a standpoint of seeing so many pro-shot videos every day, this one could use a bit of work. If you're interested in getting more exposure I'd consider hiring a publicist for your next release and of course playing live as much as possible. Sounds like you've had a good start so keep at it and best of luck. The talent and songwriting is def there it's just a matter of connecting the dots.  

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