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What's Left by The Accidental Villain

Jen Dan

Hey Barry and/or The Accidental Villain! Cool tune here. I'm diggin' the alt-rock/jazz hybrid vibe of the instrumentation combined with the funky-deep rhythmic groove. 
Also, the lyrics are really realistic, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. The main line of "If you take it away, what would you be left with?" really hits home these days where a lot has been taken away from the average person due to the pandemic...
The vocals are direct and sincere, and I like how they escalate in emotion over the course of the song; from more casual to more intense. All of the backing vocals are cool too, especially those ghostly "Oohing" vocals during the calmer lull in the song.
Speaking of which, it was a nice break from the action to have that pause with the focus on just the vocals, a bit of guitar, and cymbals tick.
But of course the whole dynamic is good, with the lively drum beat and cymbals crash, and that especially active bass line after the calmer break.
And the increasing urgency by the end of the track gets the blood flowing, where the guitar lines sweep it all up, including the vocal exclamations, into one big churn. Nicely done!

Benjamin Groff

Hey Accidental Villain - really liked the lyric video - that was really well done and smart.   Overall i think it's definitely strong ... but it's just not really a genre that I specialize in as far as what I'm signing at the moment or writing up on the blog.   On a positive note, i loved the tempo change and whole different segment of the song / production happening at 1 min 30 seconds.  People have generally forgotten about the epicness of doing that - especially in rock music.  Sounds like you're on the right path - just not sure if it's something for me.