Tommy Harkey

Tommy Harkey

Tommy Harkey

Tommy is an art lover in all its forms. He started as a professional videographer/editor after graduating from Emerson College. After moving to Los Angeles, he went on to write and produce a feature musical while working in editorial for films such as "Skyscraper", "Terminator: Dark Fate" and "The House". Recently, Tommy began writing soulful songs and formed "Federal Av" with whom they just released their debut single, "Brighter Days Ahead".
songwriting, editing, film / video
music, film / video, surfing
Los Angeles

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Chris Heintz

Fed Av thanks for reaching out and submitting! Starting out the mix on the record sounds solid. Good space between all of the elements and the vox are sitting in a good space in the mix. I do feel like there could be some more brightness in the overall mix to make things sound a bit more clear/crisp though. As far as the record itself it is well arranged, produced and executed. The vocalist has some strong vocals and I like the positive vibe, especially with what our world is going through now. I think this could be a good song for TV/Film synchs so get this to some music supes ASAP!

Jerry Doby

Great arrangement...HUGE SOUND!