Enoma Asowata

Enoma Asowata

Enoma Asowata

1/4 of Haunter. Guitarist and Music Enthusiast

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Jerry Doby

Very nice arrangement, great voice...this should hit radio

Benjamin Groff

Hey Haunter - thanks for the submission.  Dug the song, production, voice and everything.  To me - I'm not sure the imaging in the video quite matches the song or felt a little polarizing to me?  Like there's some synthy slightly goth dark sounds here but also pop...and I thought the video was a little colorful and very pop compared to i think you could get more mileage going darker?  Like the song for me (at least) is not far away from say an Evanescene hit - but image wise their thing is more congruent.  Not saying that that is what you're going for here but there's an edge in the music and also with you and the vocal that I think could go darker.  Just a few thoughts.  Solid song though but not sure if it fits for what I'm working on at the moment.  

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