John Merigliano

John Merigliano

John Merigliano

Pussyft crafts thoughtful songs with dynamic layers that blend playful elements of 80s synth pop with distorted, guitar-driven rock and avant-garde dreaminess. The project is masterminded by multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and producer John Merigliano, whose multidimensional music captures an energized live sound that is full of unexpected sonic surprises. His passion for writing songs is made up of many intricate parts that together conjure vivid visual imagery. He is able to illuminate the distinct voices of guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, vocals, and rich musical effects and transform them into cohesive compositions that tell complex tales rooted in vivid visual memories. An energetic, engaging and experienced performer, Merigliano sings clever lyrics focused on love, human connection, and the twists of life’s journey in a clear, candid voice. Through these words that sit atop a bed of detailed melodies, harmonies and rhythms, Pussyft captures the delicate spaces between memory and anticipation, the exciting rush of the past, present and future.
music production, songwriting, lyrics
indie rock, rock, synthpop
Philadelphia, PA USA

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Dirty Mags by Pussyft

Jocelin Leige

The beat was great but I will say this wasn't one of my favorites. I like it though and I hope you will find the right audience to keep the group going. For me it just wasn't hitting it. Thanks for letting me review your work and please continue making music.

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