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Brian Hazard

You had me with the title. Even though I don't really understand what it means. 🤔

A good friend of mine is putting together a similar album Inspired by Reznor/Ross, minus the excellent concept.

Your guitar work sounds a little heavier and less polished (maybe not the right word) than those references. I guess it's not too far from NIN's Broken, which precedes his soundtrack work.

The dynamics are fun and right on the edge of too much. Kudos!

As a soundtrack, this totally works, but as a standalone work, I'm not sure I'd be inclined to fire it back up. I suppose that album would need to be taken in as a whole.

Really nice job! I'm totally happy to share this. Thanks for making it easy with such a succinct and catchy elevator pitch.



I really like it.  I can definitely hear the Trent Reznor influence in there.  I am definitely looking forward to diving in and hearing more from this artist.  

Benjamin Groff

Hey Pologize - took a listen and it's a dope track.  For me i feel like the genre you're in ... it's really about how much intensity and energy you can fit into the composition / beats / production.  I feel at 1:53 that really picked up.  But could you have gotten there a little faster and has some more peaks and valleys?  The ultimate here is Trent w/NIN of course.  I liked the 2nd half of this quite a lot more than the first 1 min 53 seconds or so...really liked that journey on the 2nd half more and was more impactful for me. / grabbed my attention.  Not sure if it's something right now that works for me on the publishing / label or music blog front as I do more beat driven indie and indie pop but wanted to say nice job.   

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