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Andrea Young

Love the optics and the incredibly creative lyric video polaroid photo theme!  I don't resonate with the #hardpop sound or the track/lyrics as much as I'd like to, personally it is not quite my style or taste.  But it is very well done, and lots of talent here in the performance and production.  A few notes that I hope are helpful - you might want to release a non-explicit version an explicit track next time as explicit materials are sometimes left out of playlists/radio play.   Also be sure not to pay for streams or views -- not sure if you have or not, the playlists that are featuring the track on Spot are all the same playlister and all fairly large, so that brings up the question -- it just muddies the waters and usually doesn't result in the kind of traction/engagement you are looking for on the streaming platforms.  I'm intrigued to see where you all go from here with your sound, again so much talent and so well done for an emerging artist.  My day job is artist development through my label services company (, but it sounds like you are looking more for someone who has contacts who can help you leapfrog the path of finding and engaging fans.  You might try finding similar-sound artists and contact their manager(s) to see if it might be a fit.  Hope that's all helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!   

Robal Johnson

This is catchy as hell. Great vox, tight beats, rad guitars. I think you two have some chemistry and I look forward to hearing more from you. It seems like you two are just getting started together, so this is an impressive first round. I hope you are booking gigs and practicing like crazy. Get out there and perform, perform, perform. Build an organic buzz in LA and the industry will follow. I can definitely see this getting some tv/film placement if put in the right hands. I will pass the track along to some A&R friends at labels and pubs. Please feel free to submit another track when you are ready. Holler any time if you need some merch. Good luck and stay in touch. Keep crushin. 

SD Hox

Great stuff. I love the video (even the kind of creepy ending). Great production and vocals. I can see this track getting a lot of traction. Happy to include in my playlists, including my New Discoveries from Up and Coming Artists list on Spotify.

Chris Heintz

First and foremost thank you for reaching out and submitting. Starting out from an audio standpoint the mix sounds pretty solid. Good space between all of the elements and everything sounds wide with depth and it’s clean and clear. I do feel like the mix could have sounded BIGGER overall, but it’s solid for a demo. The record itself is pretty good. Solid composition and I like the arrangement that leads up to the pay-off on the hook. I’m in the middle when it comes to “You only do it for the photos” it just seems a bit wordy, but it’s tied together pretty well overall. Vocally not blown away by anything and the song for me, isn’t a big hit single, but I do think the record would do well for TV/Film synchs. Visually at first I was skeptical with the home-made photos, but as the song/story progressed I became more intrigued. When the murder scene came my mouth dropped because I was not expecting that at all, and that’s what I loved. I feel like the idea was very original and although it could have been executed in a stronger manner, overall it was still very cool so great work being innovative with the lyric video. Thank you again for submitting and nice work!

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