Ari Gudmundsson

Ari Gudmundsson

Ari Gudmundsson

An Icelandic solo musician, planing to release a trilogy of albums and then quit music

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Anthem by Ari

Leks Maltby

On "Anthem" by Ari, the country-tinged troubadour croons sweetly for four beautiful minutes, commanding the full attention of the listener. Recalling modern indie folk acts such as Timber Timbre and Father John Misty, Ari's music has a haunting beauty that keeps it from becoming even the slightest bit corny or old-fashioned. The production is clean and precise, allowing each instrument room to breathe and be appreciated fully, but never burying the lead vocal in a sea of noise. Of particular note are the outstanding vocal harmonies during the chorus sections, which really elevate "Anthem" to a level worthy of its title.

Kami Knake

Solid production, lyrics and vocals. Love his voice. Listened 3 times. This song is growing on me with each listen. I like a lot. Chill relaxing indie pop. Definitely want to hear more from him!

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