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Classy by Chris Meagher

SD Hox

Solid effort on this one. The production is really good and the vocals are clear ans strong. Looking forward to hearing more from this artist. Let me know when the tracks are available on Spotify.

Andrea Young

Hi Chris!  I like the vocals on this, but don't quite resonate with the lyrics.  It's not quite my personal style or taste, but, you've noted you've got some good support, so sounds like you've found your fans and that is awesome!!  I'd suggest asking for their help in getting word out about your music on socials and the streaming platforms.  And I'd suggest to immediately start releasing your tracks on the streaming platforms so your fans have a place to listen and support you further.   These days it can be quite inexpensive to release music through DistroKid or CD Baby for example.  I'd also suggest reading up on all of Spotify's tutorials, they speak directly to independent artists like yourself to figure out how to manage your profile and music online.  Hope that's helpful! Thanks for your submission, and good luck with getting your music heard! 

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