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Wes Davidson

Wes Davidson

Acarya is a Cincinnati-based music project with founding members Wes Davidson (vocals, guitar, percussion and lotsa other stuff lol) and Liz Wu (drums and percussion) joining with the wonderfully melodic bassist Jack Youngblood, guitarist extraordinaire Max Patrick and the lively dancing violist Hannah MacNeal (come see the Hannah banana shuffle!).  

Beginning in 2009 when Wes met Liz while studying music in college they instantly clicked and became best friends over their shared love of serving the community.  This early passion continues today with the organization Wes and Liz started called “The Stone Soup Collective” (a portion of all the band’s proceeds going to various charities and individuals who need help).

One day Liz heard the music Wes was writing to help tell the stories of a great loss he suffered and was trying to cope with.  Never really intending for the music to leave the basement Liz talked him into playing as a duo for a few years and helping others to heal with the stories of family and togetherness.  Meeting so many new friends along the way, gifting Wes and Liz with their stories of struggle and triumph, the two decided to expand their duo to a family of musicians - even extending the opportunity to play to members of the audience.  After traveling the United States including stops everywhere from Austin’s SXSW to California, New York, Nashville and Orlando the duo came back to Cincinnati and added Jack, Max and Hannah to the Acarya family. 

Helping the music soar to new heights Acarya’s stories have never been as full of life as they are today.  The quintet decided to release their first full length, self-produced studio album suitably titled “The Way Home.”  With Wes engineering, mixing and mastering everything the band was able to realize the vision they set out to share.

Sharing stories through songs and friendship, Acarya hopes to bring people together to dance, laugh and share stories of their own.  

Please remember to take care of each other…
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Little Lonely by Acarya

Brett Napoli

Great vocals, uplifting and beautifully blended sounds. Especially loved the drums! A nice balance and a great progression from beginning to end. The vocal balance and range is impressive and the whole song is neatly organized and well produced. Great job.

Alan Cross

Very pleasant stuff. Nice work. No notes from me on songwriting, performance or production. Now the questions.

1. What's your goal with this song? Does radio figure in your plans? If so, you should look at hiring a radio plugger to make sure your stuff gets in front of the right people.

2. You need to get this on all streaming platforms. That includes YouTube, so if you can, scrape together something, even if it's just a lyric video.

3. Do you play live? There's nothing like getting feedback from an audience in real time.

4. Do you have aspirations of signing a record deal? If so, you'll also need to cultivate an online following using a smart social media strategy.

5. You might also want to speak with music supervisors. There could be a place of a song like this on TV or movies.

Bob Lugowe

For starters I would suggest including a short bio, lyrics, links to hear more of your music and your social media profiles / website so anyone who may be interested in licensing your music can get a better idea of who you are as an artist and what kind of following you have. Consider this your elevator pitch to get in front of the right people so definitely sell people on what you can offer besides just the music as most people won't seek out more info on their own, you need to provide it for them. 

Regarding the song, I dig it though the production seems a bit flat as this song is quieter than a lot of what I've heard on here and less dynamic. Not sure if the file size of the audio is just lower quality but wanted to point it out. I checked your soundcloud and would also suggest considering working with a pro photographer and graphic designer and to work on a strong, unique aesthetic which will help with your appeal. The music is strong and passionate and you seem like an original group so take advantage of that and present yourself in the most professional manner possible as right now you look more like a "local band" or a "soundcloud band". If your goal is for bigger things, you need to be buttoned up in all areas. But keep up the good work and best of luck!

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